bondaid and bondex question?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by hbn, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. hbn
    I never use these product before and wanted to understand clear what they use for?

    I always use none burn primer, before applied arcylic on top. If I going to use bondex first do I still need to put primer on top before apply arcylic? or don't need to put primer at all. I getting confuse what is bondex and how or when do I need to use it? can someone explain this please
  2. sam1
    Bond aid rebalances the nails ph level and is can be used before you apply tips(remove shine santise bondaid glue tip), can also be used on nat nails before polish application to improve staying power of polish.Bondex is the primer(remove shine,santise,bondaid,glue tip or add form,bondex,acrylic application).Hope this helps
  3. hbn
    thanks Sam. So Bondex is primer
  4. aj1
    So then how does using alcohol to dehydrate compare to bondaid as bondaid has alcohol and a few other ingredients in it?

  5. geeg
    I would have thought that is you even have these products you would know where and in what order to use them. ?

    Your profile does not tell anything about your nail experience or training. Have you done any?

    Both these products are nail plate dehydrators ... the primer bONDEX, is always used after this and just before application. Seems strange to me that you would not know this.
    i HAVE NEVER HEAR OF A BRANDED LINE OF PRODUCTS THAT uses alcohol as part of nail prep.
  6. aj1
    just bumping up:hug:

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