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Discussion in 'Skin' started by xhoniebunnyx, May 19, 2017.

  1. xhoniebunnyx
    Hi geeks! Does anyone know how best to get into administering botox and fillers? I'm currently doing hair, beauty treatments and Microblading but want to progress into the injectables and peels etc. Would an anatomy and physiology level3 course be a good place to start? Xxx
  2. nailpod
    Become a dermatologist or plastic surgeon , sorry there no way in hell I would ever let anyone who isn't a super specialist TOUCH my face. I have seen way tooooo many bugger ups from this .
    Sorry to sound like a stuck up cow but honestly speaking I wouldn't . Normal peels from cosmetic houses but usually you need to do an internship and work within a medical clinic the course is about a year and you administer the peels etc but work with dermatologists.
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  3. Ruthvenx3
    I agree with nailpod..... I don't actually think you can legally do Botox and fillers without being a nurse practitioner or a doctor. I certainly wouldn't let anyone else inject my face. And definitely not out with a clinical environment x
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  4. Haircutz
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    You have to be medically qualified to administer Botox so either a nurse prescriber or a doctor. If you're serious about it, start researching suitable University courses.
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  5. kojodojo
    You have to be level 6 for fillers and level 7 for botox. There's the JCCP register being introduced in November, and its to control what level therapists can perform certain treatments at. If you want to do peels you will have to be level 4. As far as I am aware you do not need to train to be a doctor or nurse for fillers, you can go the aesthetic therapist route via university up to level 6, but unsure about botox.
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  6. jbx
    You would be classed as a non medical.

    They are courses that cover that category they require Level 3 Beauty Therapy

    For Botox you would need a GP practitioner to sign up with before administering as it classed as medicine. Filler isn't.
    They will be requiring Level ,7 for 2018 new laws for Aesthetics information available on BABTC website.
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  7. xhoniebunnyx
    Thanks for the advice guys. I'm certainly not expecting to do a years training and start injecting faces, I was expecting university. I just don't know where to start. I'm actually looking for a radical career change so not daunted by it but i only want to do cosmetic treatments so didn't want to go down a GP training route if I didn't need to. Thank you for the advice. I will now start looking to do up to level 7
  8. jbx
    Check this out. It is like a pathway a very thorough one to starting for non medicals. You do several courses even before starting injectables.
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