Brisa Lamp Replacement Bulbs

Discussion in 'Nail' started by HAILZTONES, Aug 1, 2006.

    Helppppp please..........While on my way into a clients house this morning, my my Brisa Gel Lamp fell out of my bag. The lamp is ok, but the bulbs all smashed, therefore I now need to get my hands on some bulbs as soon as possible, I just rang Creative/Designer Nails and they are out of stock but hope to have some in another week. I have lots of Brisa clients this week and a couple of sets of toes, I'm starting to panic. Don't really want to go and buy another lamp, but may not have any choice.

    This will teach me to carry a back up stock of bulbs!!

    Any idea anyone where I can get some?

  2. ValencianNails
    try ringing the One Stop Nail Shops, as far as i'm aware they post out orders.
    Thanks for your reply, sorry to be so thick, but what are the One Stop Nail Shops, do you have any tel numbers?

    I just rang a couple of places but they are waiting from stock from Creative too!!

    ONE STOP NAIL SHOPS.........

    ESSEX 0208 787 7036
    LONDON 0208 896 2424
    MANCHESTER 01942 677728
    GLASGOW 0141 774 5999
    MILTON KEYNES 01908 588027
    SAILSBURY 01725 514440

    Try those babes - number are in the back of hyperions catalogue
  5. nailsbydesign
    One Stop Nail Shops are nail supply shops that sell creative nail design products and are usually attached to a CND training academy.....Minkus above has given you their numbers.
  6. nemotail
    I got my new Brisa bulbs from Ellisons as Hyperon were out of stock - HTH
    Thanks guys for all your help and thank you Minkus for the tel nos. I managed to get them from Manchester, they came the very next day, I was well impressed!


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