Brisa Lite with Gelish?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by kelly_17, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Poppy's
    can u cure Brisa Lite in nail harmony 18 gLED lamp?
  2. geeg
    The short answer which you have been told already on another thread is that NO you cannot get a guaranteed cure using any other lamp but the CND lamp.

    I also have another rule .... It is this ... NO SANDWICHES

    My rule ... its called NO SANDWICHES ... I WILL NOT USE products that are not designed for the system I am using. It makes no sense and it is against CND protocols which I trust completely and follow to the letter because I have total trust in CND and that the systems work better together than in sandwiches with other products.
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  3. geeg
    Although your information is correct, it is missing the important point that Brisa Lite Removable SCULPTING GEL can also be rebalanced for as long as you need or want to just like a hard gel and is as tough and durable as can be! :D

    ** This remarkable gel is 4 times easier to control and 5 times easier to remove and 10 times tougher than any other gel in the same category of soak off gels.

    One of our lovely geeks, Vicki (aka DreamNails) messaged me her feed back thismorning and I have to share it because I thought it was a great quote.

    She said that when she used the Brisa Lite Removable Sculpting Gel, it was so easy it was as if it had been pre-programmed to go where she wanted it!!
    . What a great line! So great I told her she must put that on the CND Facebook page which I believe she has done.

    Brisa Lite Removable Sculpting Gel is in fact the only nail enhancement system in the world that adheres to the natural nail without the need for shine removal. It's what we've always dreamed of!
  4. geeg
    This is completely incorrect information!

    Quoted from the Brisa technical question thread which is well worth a read if you want the correct information.

    The reason it is only PEP is that .. CND has just released another FIRST for the nail industry. There is absolutely nothing else like it.

    Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel ... To be used as a partner with Shellac for clients who need a bit more help with their challenged nails. many already get 3 week wear from Shellac, but for those who don't because of damage or condition will be able to extend their wear of Shellac for 3 weeks.

    And .....

    Brisa Light Removable Sculpting Gel is for permanent enhancements that can be rebalanced continually (just like BRISA hard gel) or for creating short term shape and length for a client who would like to have it soaked off and removed after a special occasion.

    ** This enhancement gel is the very first truly removable enhancement gel that requires no shine removal from the natural nails ... In other words no nail buffing prior to application or removal. 3 week wear and can be rebalanced or removed when desired.

    ** This remarkable gel is 4 times easier to control and 5 times easier to remove and 10 times tougher than any other gel in the same category of soak off gels.

    What will interest your clients is ....
    There is no nail buffing or shine removal when you wear Brisa Lite. There is far less time that they need to commit to removal as the removal is complete in 30 minutes or less ( if you're like me and don't work too think). All the Shellac colours they love can of course be applied to Brisa Lite. Another couple of fantastic points are ... there is virtually no heat spike and there is no yellowing.
    All things they are having to experience now with other gels. Your clients are going to WANT to use Brisa Lite and will be asking you to use it. Win win.

    And that is just a little information for starters. :lol:
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  5. Arty*Rox
    Thanks Gigi, I've purchased the smoothing kit to partner with my Shellac, for enhancements I've always been an L&P technician (although I was trained in gel too many years ago) I'm really tempted to revive my training into gel again all because of brisa lite.
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  6. Sharny
    Thanks for that, I read some where that it was only for short term enhancements, hence why I said 2 weeks.

    It sounds like a really good product, as I would love to use Gel but hate all the filing :) x

  7. Princess Layla
    So can the smoothing gel be used with Gelish but not sandwiched? Has anyone tried this yet? I may try it on myself on weekend as I use both shellac & Gelish. X
  8. geeg
    As I said, you can DO anything ... whether it is the best thing to do to make sandwiches is another thing; obviously it is not.

    Why not use the BL Smoothing gel and then Shellac and try that first to give the system a proper trial run and then play around later with sandwiches if you feel there is any need.
  9. Princess Layla
    My thinking is, we can use other brands Of polishes over cnd enhancements (I frequently use Gelish over cnd acrylic) and people use shellac over other makes of enhancements.
    If i completely apply and finish off the smoothing gel then apply Gelish over, surely this won't effect the system as there is no sandwiching of two systems?
    Does this make sence or am I having a blonde moment??! Help needed!

    I know I don't need a trial run for shellac as it will be superb x
    Or I am I completely missing the point of sandwiching ??
  10. geeg

    Look ... I know lots of people do lots of things .. I find no need to as CND has every single product a nail technician could want to do EVERYTHING. So I don't make sandwiches, which is layers of different stuff. It does affect any system because once you start to make sandwiches you are not using the system ... you are layering different stuff.

    I didn't say you would come to any harm from doing it, just that I don't and if I don't need to then no one else needs to because I cant think of too many who see as many clients in a month as we do in a week! WE are brand centric and it works for us and we do not need anything else .. our choice. Clients like it and they trust CND and us. If others want to "cherry pick" then that is up to them ... we don't choose to do it and I have never regretted that choice.
  11. Princess Layla
    Totally get where your coming from, everything I have is CND apart from some Gelish x

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