Brow waxing - what chair?

Discussion in 'Waxing' started by FleurNails96, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. FleurNails96
    I run a home nail salon however I’m also trained in waxing. I’m thinking of offering brow waxing in the new year, I’m not sure if I should buy a reclining chair or keep my current arm chair - which I also use for pedicures.

    How many of you have the client sat up for brow waxing?

    This is my current set up (please excuse my cat haha!), thinking of replacing the retail display with my wax pot etc and could also move the chair out for space behind. ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1510331285.718431.jpg
  2. CFBS
    Do you have space for a beauty couch? You could then have clients lying down for the full range of waxing services and make more money.
  3. cloughers
    It's quite hard to wax brows sitting that upright because it's too easy for wax to spill onto the wrong place!
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  4. FleurNails96
    Unfortunately not ☹️ brow waxing is the only extra service I could do with the space available!
  5. tinkerbell80

    I’ve just posted asking about this chair! What do you think? I’m in a similar predicament x
  6. FleurNails96
    For my salon it’s a little large! However it would be good to be able to double up a nail desk chair as a brow chair. I’m not sure if the arms would fit under my table either!

    I’ve seen salons use lower backed armchairs with neck pillows which may be a thought for me!
  7. tinkerbell80
    Ah yes it’s the size I worry about too, do you have an example of what you mean by a lower backed chair at all please? I’m trying to find something suitable too!
  8. CFBS
    Could you lose the chair and replace with one of those chairs that flatten out into a couch? ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1510405310.922223.jpg
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  9. FleurNails96
    It just doesn’t look as cosy! I think I’m just too attached to my arm chair
  10. FleurNails96
    I saw this on Pinterest, as I may be able to fit a small ish version of it in my room and keep it also as a cosy pedicure corner ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1510406245.289922.jpg
  11. tinkerbell80
    That looks nice! But big lol! X
  12. FleurNails96
    Yep, and probably expensive ☹️

    I’ve been looking at the “Chloe styling chair” which is lovely, but also best part of £300. Not sure if venturing into brows would be worth the trouble of reshuffling everything in the salon! ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1510443124.575288.jpg
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  13. Beautiful-you
    I replaced my old portable couch with this reclining chair/couch, but with split leg section and removeable "feet". I use it for all lash and brow treatments, facials, waxing and pedicures. It's really good and very reasonably priced ( EBay). One point to mention is that you can either have it fully reclined flat as a bed or in one sat up position, but no in between. (Although the leg sections can be set in several positions). It's very comfortable too.
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