Bumps in Shellac?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by moushax37, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. moushax37
    I've done a couple sets of shellac that have resulted in a couple tiny bumps on some of the nails. I have a feeling its the base coat but I'm not sure. Does anyone else experience this?

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  2. Dream Nails
    Are you taking your time with applying the base coat? When I first started I got this. Now I've speeded up it doesn't happen
    Vicki xx
  3. x Fee x
    I'm familiar with two things that may cause bumps- scratching the nail plate during prep, and causing bits to stick up, and the stupid little bits you get left on the nail from cotton pads when cleansing the nail.

    Even using 'lint free' wipes, I still get a few fuzzies or fibres left in the nail every now and again. You have to be meticulous in getting rid of them before you polish! If I do notice bumps from a fuzzy when i've just polished, it's easy to remove, or if you've already cured the color, a gentle, quick swipe with a fine grit file will usually remove and you can repaint.

    If this isn't the case, perhaps you need to look at your cuticle removal, and whether you're scratching the nail or scraping the nail plate?

    Hope this helps xx
  4. Emily Case
    As Fee said, I've noticed that I get teeny bumps from undetectable fuzzies!! Or, if you haven't prepped/wiped the nail thoroughly after prepping, the cuticle on the nail plate can cause bumps too. :)
  5. Nickilou
    Check your not applying your base coat too thickly - thin to win !!

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