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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Cheshire_Gal, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Cheshire_Gal
    Hi all, im new to site so go easy. Ive got my own salon that just does the basics, nothing fancy, and i have a steady clientele, but nothing major. Was wondering about ideas to increase revenue, and thought about getting a CACI machine. Spoke with CACI rep and cheapest is about 6K. Was wondering if anyone has one and whether they are worth their money.Do you get many clients wanting to use them etc. Thanks in advance Cx
  2. Princess_emily1
    Deffinatly I have the ultimate coming in 2 weeks and all ready have a que of ladies wanting it done! And men :) the machine may have been expensive but these machines last forever and treatments cost is so small! :D x

    If you want any more info pm me :)
  3. loulabelle
    CACI is definitely worth getting. I've got the Quantum which does face & body lifting. It's worth it's weight in gold! The results are fantastic - the clients love it
  4. gold dust
    Hi i have a caci chromaclear (microdermabrasion) its a lovely machine and treatment results are lovely! Yes i do agree prices are a bit expensive but my clients are always happy with the results! It is a lot of money to invest in and i have had to promote the machine with existing clients, offered promotional one off treatment price at the start, majority of clients loved the treatment so i them offered a course of treatments at a discounted price to re coup some of the outlay. Caci have ex demo models which are used by the reps to give demos they are practically brand new and do have a warranty wouldnt do any harm to ask, might save you a few hundred pounds!
  5. Martin Duffy
    I have the CACI ultra and have been offering CACI treatments since 2002 (used to use the Quantum) - it has been worth it's weight in gold and since the search for a salon function on the new CACI website went live I've had loads of enquiries, most of which I've had to turn away. It's a treatment people will search out for by name.
  6. Cheshire_Gal
    Thanks for the above, very interesting. Which machine is recommended. The face one or the body one. The all singing all dancing is too expensive. Which treatment do you get most business from, the facial, or the body cellulite thingy one. Also do you get much business for microdermabrasion?
  7. persianista
    have an ultimate and a quantum. The ultimate is used far more, and the MD is very popular.
  8. Seashell
    I think that the non surgical face lift is possibly the best beauty invention ever. I don't think I have ever had a client who has had a course not continue on with maintenance as the results are so stunning.
    I dont use CACI myself but dont doubt that it is as good as the other machines on the market.
    I would say most definately go for it but research your machines first as most expensive isn't always best.
  9. Georgie Babe
    Which non surgical face lift machine do you use if not CACI?
  10. fozzyo
    I personally am looking at the Bio Therapeautic Machine (3.5 or 4k - depending on whether or not it is face or face & body). They also have their Nano machine which is great for mobile therapists - doesn't offer quite as many treatments, but really helps boost a facial and that is just over 1k!

    With CACI you are getting a great machine, but you are also paying a fortune for the name. Yes that name can get you a lot, but it is like CND and Jessica. Clients know Jessica but that doesn't make it better then CND.

  11. essentia
    I have very mixed feeling about CACI. I have used it in a salon and recently had a rep to see me. I think the machines are far too bulky and need to be redesigned. Other companies offer much neater and compact models. I love the NS face lifting, which is their signature treatment but do not like their new face up MDA for the face. I stopped the rep doing it on me as it was so uncomfortable. She even tried it on my hand but my hand was still sore the next day! Great for the body though. CACI wins due to them being welll known and investing heavily in advertising, which is what I feel that you pay for - more than the machine.
  12. Cheshire_Gal
    In your opinion does the CACI machine bring on new clients and pay for itself? Is MDA (above) microdermabrasion?
  13. Seashell
    Hi Georgie babe. I've used lots of machines over the years, expensive and cheaper and have 2 favourites. One is the ultra visage by Carlton and the other is a mobile unit which I got as part of my training. I now use this all the time as its very small but very powerful. Neither include microderm etc but I quite like to keep my machines separate, just preference really.
    I'm not really big on machines generally but I make an exception for NSFL and MDA which are such excellent treatments and have brought me lots of revenue and clients over the years.
  14. SKINRZ
    Hi Geeks,

    New to the forum, so be gentle!!

    We offer non-surgical treatments in our salon and they are a hugely popular. We don't use CACI but in my opinion if you select the right machine the treatment sells itself.
  15. Seashell
    Absolutely, also if you have a regular, loyal client base they will trust your judgement rather than all the advertising they see anyway.

    I know lots of people will probably tell me off for this but I often find that the really expensive brand leading machines are pretty much the same as the generic ones but bigger with more flashing lights!
  16. essentia
    Yes it is microdermabrasion. No one can give you a guarantee that if you buy it you will be successful. Buying into a good brand is obviously a great start but only half the story. I think some of the other posters are right when they say that your clientele will usually trust your judgement as their therapist. :wink2:. If they see and feel results they won't care who makes it. The best thing is to trial as many machines as possible and see which is the best for you, your budget and your clients.

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