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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Nicki-Marie, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Nicki-Marie
    Does anyone use any of the caci face or body machines?

    Wondering what other geeks views are and curious as to what results you can get from them. x
  2. Urban Geek
    I don't know much about them except that they did use them at I salon where I rented space and I think they really rated them but I think several treatments are necessary x
  3. shellfish
    hi everyone,
    im off to olympia this may and i am only really going to look at the caci machines. I just wondered if you guys could let me know how popluar they are, and whether you get a good return on them?
  4. Loulou Mc
    I have just finished a course of 12 CACI sessions and I have lost a total of 16 inches from my thighs and tummy. I'm dead impressed.

    I didn't do anything else exercise wise so the loss was, as far as I can see, from the machines.

    You (as the client) have to be prepared to get to the highest level you can stand - the higher you go the better the results.

    I would say its a good treatment to offer - go for it.
  5. beautyathome
    Hi i have used them they are great, i am looking into getting one in the near future, well known name and they do work, did the non surgical face lift on my mum and she loved it and saw the difference. So go for it. thanks
  6. kerry33
    I used to use Caci for about 5 years in a salon i worked in.We only used it as a facial treatment as we offered Endomologie for body but the result we got from the Caci were excellent.Definately the best ive ever seen compared to other machines ive used in the past.
  7. Nicki-Marie
    Thankyou for your replies guys. Going to be ringing a few different companies just to get a feel for whats what. Definately keeping caci in mind.
  8. fanella
  9. blossom
    A couple of my clients have tried Caci for the face and have been impressed with the results, they did say you needed the full course of about 10 sessions but were pleased with it. hth x
  10. UBeauty

    before makig as decision try body ultimate ive used them since i opened my salon there great. results are definatly better than a caci and they are half the price.

    heres there number 08000 730430.

    all i did was call them up after my friend reciommended them and they came to my salon to sdo a free demo

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