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Discussion in 'Nail' started by kirstymac, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. kirstymac
    Hi, I am hoping to go on a Calgel course but i cant find out if one is near me in Ashford, Kent. Does anyone know where i would find out or if there is one near me? I ordered some of ebay to see if i liked it and i do so would like to do the course after xmas?


  2. Noodle
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  3. A Perfect 10?
    Calgel themselves are the only UK distributors for their products so you never know what you're getting off EBay.... Good luck with the course - I have just completed it and LOVED it x
  4. Pink Pink Pink
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    You can't buy Calgel without having the training and it's WELL worth it. It is a fantastic product.

    In my opinion, ebay shouldn't be used for products. Calgel will not sell on ebay. Even if someone is selling their old Calgel it runs so many hygiene risks.
    I do, however (or at least have done in the past) buy nail ART items from ebay.
  5. KarenCalgel
    Hi Kirsty,

    Your nearest training venue would be our Head Office, If you would like to e-mail me at i will send you an information pack with details of our training.

    Best wishes

    Karen - Calgel
  6. Nails Plus
    I have been using BioSculpture for about a year, as I wanted a soak off gel, but it is becoming expensive. I have read many threads that sing the praises of Calgel, so as I live close to Dunstable I gave them a ring. I was happy to purchase a conversion kit (gels,sanitizer etc, but disappointed that I also had to pay for things like wipes, and tools that are universal, thus putting the price of the course up. Would anyone else agree?
  7. kellyk
    i did my training with calgel last month iv had 2 phone calls from them since to see how im getting on with it, im sooo glad that i went with calgel they have been so helpful. The product itself is brill iv had no problem with it, the training is great i learnt more tips in 2 days then i did at 20 wk college course :green:
  8. honey5
    hello I know Clgel do a course in glasgow anyone know the number??

  9. laurajade
    hi, i'm doing my training in sheffield next month, really looking forward to it but nervous at the same time! x

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