Can gel go bad?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by renata709, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. renata709
    just like the title says.
    There is a certain amount of months that you can use after opened,but did my nails last night,made sure the prep was immaculate and they didn't hold ,just lifted after 12 hours without nailplatedamage(which I am happy about),so can they turn bad after those months?
    Am using the brisa system
  2. geeg
    VERY unlikely .. sounds more like the product did not cure so maybe look at your bulbs loosing their oomph! Gel doesn't go bad unless you have done something bad with it. I've had pots of some Brisa gel for years and it is still lasting very well when I get to use it. If it was 'bad' it would be solid. sounds like your Brisa did not cure .. if you are not using the CND lamp, it is likely that it wont anyway. If you are, then I'd invest in a new set of bulbs.
  3. renata709
    thx geeg
    I do need to replace my bulbs ,I use the brisalamp,will see how it goes after replacement
    thank you

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