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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Calminginfluenc, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Calminginfluenc
    I was wondering if anyone had used go fast nails and had any opinions or tips?
    I have a course in this on wednesday as my local training school are offering it for free! I just wondered if anyone had heard of it or used it before?
    Michelle xx
  2. Emily Case
    I'm going on this course too, Calminginfluenc! On the 11th May.

    I figured, even if it's an awful system, it's another qualification... something new learnt.

    What have we got to lose? It's not like we have to buy the kit or anything, and it's a free course so I just went for it. You never know, it might be the best thing since sliced bread! Although I can't find any reviews on it.

    It's free. Why not?!

    Let me know how it goes for you. xx
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  3. Calminginfluenc
    I have someone booked in on wed eve to have them, she's never had nail enhancements before so would be a good place to start I think, she has read up and her main concern was having her nail plate filed in the prep but apparently you don't have to with this system so cross your fingers they go well and she likes them!! I did say to her though that a good nail tech wouldn't file the nail to much and wouldn't cause damage.
    You might be on the course that my friend Terri is on! You'll like her she is lovely xx
  4. Emily Case
    I'll make sure to look out for your friend :)

    PM me when you've done the course to let me know how it went! I'm quite looking forward to it, I'm curious more than anything.

    If it is pants... lesson learnt.
    If it's good? Great!

    :hug: xx
  5. CazCardiff
    Its totally brand new, literally a few weeks old hence why theres nothing on it around at the moment. I too am looking ato do the course at Dover, Im looking out for a weekend date though as our family are in Kent so we have somewhere to stay!
    It does look good though from what Ive read and know about it already. Have you joined up to the facebook group on ce chic?
  6. xxsarahj25xx
    Free training?? Someone link meee lol never heard of this, is it a new enhancment or natural nail treatment?

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  7. Calminginfluenc
    It's star beauty school in Dover hun, tells you all about it on there xx
  8. Calminginfluenc
    Just thought I would update you all, attended the course today and it was fab, the nails are really easy to pick up, as a total beginner to nail enhancements I think I did really well! Will definitely book there for my acrylic systems training!! The tutors are fab!! So welcoming and willing to answer all questions honestly and without bias I will definitely be going back to them abs I will add ce chic go fast to my price list to!! Xx
  9. Pinkbunny28
    That's great news! Booked mine yesterday, think I got the last spot on 20 June haha :)

    Was it easy to find? I'm shocking at driving places I don't know and will probably drive straight past the turning haha x
  10. Calminginfluenc
    I live in the same town so knew where to go but would Imagine it being difficult if you don't know the area! Call them before you go and they will help with directions hun xx
  11. Evaperk
    Just booked mine! Looks a little like a tip and dip system but for £24 it's worth finding out.
  12. Pinkbunny28
    I can just imagine me on speakerphone: errr I just passed a tree and a sign that looks kinda blue :/

    This is all assuming I manage to buy a car in time else it's a nice walk from the station!! x
  13. happyfeet
    Pinkbunny im going on the 20th of june ive been to the place before its not that easy to find n as said ive been there before, so dont worry well both get lost lmao n end up calling them!! X x x
  14. VickiesBB
    Was on the course yesterday, it's amazing stuff!! Will try and post pictures asap x

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  15. izzidoll
    Fourteen posts on this so far, and yet I am none the wiser to what it is you are talking about :confused:

    OK it is a new brand to the UK, I got that, it has free training, got that, just in Dover ?...but what actually is it? Gel, Acrylic (L&P), or I think Evaperk did allude to the fact it may be tip and dip.

    Anyone want to tell the rest of geekdom what they are talking about, or is this some sort of secret ce chic society :wink2:
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  16. Evaperk
    this is the spiel from their site

    So from this I deduced it wasd a tip and dip type service. On the Ce Chic site it says the training is £99 I've paid £24, mainly out of curiosity as it's not far from me and I do love the look of firbreglass nails.
  17. Pinkbunny28
    I was just curious haha! But also thought the natural looking but would go down well with my mum since she's so fussy about having natural nails. I've managed to get her shellacking which is a start but this looks much stronger x
  18. VickiesBB
    It is an amazing nail system, takes half the time it does to do acrylic sets. It is acrylic powder built with resin to give you a natural looking nail. So far taking Me 45 minutes to do but hopefully I can get that down to 30 with practise x

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  19. LyndaM
    Hi does anyone else have anymore info on this? i'm on facebook group but have yet to find detail.

    Is this extensions with this resin then built on top, sculptures or overlays please would like to know what it's all about? :)
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  20. kays_acrylicsox
    This sounds very worth looking into! As far as the information on here would sound like a perfect, and time saving service to add x
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