Celebrities with natural nails?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Lunaberry, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Lunaberry
    Know this might be weird question but does anyone know of any celebrities who are proud to have shorter natural nails? Just want to mention a few 'role models' to do a bit of a push for natural nails and am struggling to find any! X
  2. Knucks
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  3. HandsOnBeauty
    A lot of the TOWIE crowd have natural nails not necessarily 'celebs' but would be easy to get images of them from twitter & google images

    Vicki x
    Hands On Beauty
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  4. Lunaberry
    Thank you both for the replies.
    Caroline, thanks so much for the links to the pictures, really appreciate that! I'm almost embarrassed to ask but can you tell me who they are?! I think I know but want to check haha x
  5. MissOwen
    scarlett johansson in the first and jennifer lopez in the 2nd

    Neat natural nails are very very popular at the moment and you will find lots of celeb pics if you have a bit of a google :D xxxx
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  6. Susan@Irisana
    check out all the pictures of the emmys from last night.. pretty much ALL the female celebrities had short, neat nude or natural nails!! ... I can not wait to get my hands on the CND Intimates collection.. bang on trend!
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  7. Steph86
    Lots of celebs... On the Bio sculpture Facebook & twitter they have celeb match nails... Katy perry, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Eva longoria to name a few :) xx
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  8. happyfeet
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  9. sarah1992
    All of the Kardashians , apart from Khloe! :)
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  10. Belllla
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  11. Belllla
    I LOVE this post!!

    There are so many celebrities that wear Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish and I use this to advertise and promote natural nails.

    It works!! Xxx
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  12. Lunaberry
    Yay I got them right! Still not sure about the third one though?! Xx
  13. Lunaberry
    Thank you all so so much for your dab replies and pictures. Can't tell you what a help they've been and once again I'm reminded why I am in love with this site and all the Geeks!! Have to wonder about myself though as I have spent days trawling google for images and names and could only come up with pics a couple of years old. Obviously I didn't type sensible things into the search bar lol! Thanks again xxxx
  14. x Fee x
    That would be Eva Mendes. She always has short nude nails x
  15. Lunaberry
    Ahhh of course! Thank you xx
  16. DanielleCaprice
    Kim kardashian... She's my inspiration x

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