Changing salon appointment systems, considering options, help!

Discussion in 'Business' started by Linzi_88, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Linzi_88
    Needing advice on changing appointment systems please! I have been using Salon Active salon appointment system for about 15 years, unfortunately the company are no longer and we are needing upgrade and move with times.

    We are small salon of 5 therapists, wanting to do all the basics as well as online booking, reminders, as well better stock control. Also needing to be able to transfer all my client details over from my current system? As I have about 5,000 clients & don't fancy doing it manually if avoidable.

    I've seen quite a few people love Ovatu Manager, and really considering this system, would you recommend it? Or there others you'd recommend?

    Thanking you in advance :)
  2. surf girl
    I would definitely go with ovatu there's so much support & everything you could need is on there
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  3. Thai-Kosai
    I'm interested too. We use Timely at the minute which has been ok, but lacks a lot of important features, and they don't seem to add new features very often at all
  4. Linzi_88
    will let everyone know how I get on :)
  5. Linzi_88
    Thank you! Yeah I think I'm going to go with them.
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  6. Lauren121
    @surf girl with ovatu how does it work with regards to the development time do you have to book this as two separate appointments or does it work itself out for you? X
  7. surf girl
    I do it the easy way but you can do it as separate appointments, I just say for example full colour- 30mins application 45 mins develop 45 mins finish when you do it that way it leaves the 45 min gap & books them back in

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  8. Lauren121
    Perfect! Thanks @surf girl x
  9. Hair2012e
    I have been using easysalonmanagement for the past 5 years. It's been brilliant for me!
  10. QueenOfTheCouch
    We use salon iris and there is 6 therapists at my salon, it's brilliant and affordable with several different options for subscriptions. No idea about how you would transfer the client details but I'm sure there tech team would help x
  11. Cesar
    I use versum, powerful features, easy to use, and their support inserts customer data for you
  12. BeautyRooms
    Just moved from salon iris to Phorest, to be honest I wish I had stayed with salon iris, support always excellent only negatives were it did not work with any anti virus software, kept getting viruses the prices steadily increased also , but that said much prefer them to phorest , hope this helps
  13. Carlalouise
    Glad I've seen this this evening as I'm looking for a new booking system. I'm with Salon Iris and am paying far too much, I loved them until they talked me into a huge payment plan for not a lot of difference a year ago and just today I found out that they have changed packages so all my courses were messed up, they first tried to tell me I've been doing it wrong for the last 3 years and then admitted it had been changed due to "Windows". I don't like having the wool pulled over my eyes, not appreciated and not happy that they didn't bother letting me know, so as soon as I can I will be looking for another booking system. I've been looking at Phorest and Ovatu.
  14. TheHavenChelt
    Shedul is free, new upgrades all free, text reminders free, easy set up and if you have a whole client base to move over, they import for free too. I moved from salonlite in August and haven't found a negative yet.
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  15. xkayla_herex
    Have just looked up Shedul, I can't believe it is free?! Are there any catches? As how do they make their money? Does it crash or anything?
  16. Nettic
    It's been perfectly fine for me lovely it's funded by sponsors at the moment and if you sign up now whilst it's free your account will be free forever xxxx
  17. TheHavenChelt
    Exactly what I thought, but so far no catches! I moved from Salonlite, because I had problems with the reminders not arriving, which you had to pay for, with Shedul even these are free. You can track stock, add notes to client records, set up,split shift timetable, all these things were extra on Salonlite.
  18. magsy
    Hi has the name changed at all. I'm trying to find Shedul on google but having no luck xx
  19. Daniel (Booksy)
    Hi Linzi ;) Maybe you should try Booksy for business. It is an appointment system that brings you and your client together. Even if it's after hours, Booksy is available to your clients :)

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