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Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by VanitySalon, May 24, 2010.

  1. VanitySalon
    Hi Geeks.

    I'm just going through the motions in opening up a salon, I'm finding it really hard to find the perfect Reception Desk, Nail stations and Chairs. The look I'm going for is Shabby chic/ French Glamour/ Boudoir, using Blacks, Silvers and Lime Green. Can anybody recommend where I can find something that fits in with the look im trying to create?
  2. kimi1101
    have you looked on ebay? i got some really nice mirrors from ebay that fit your description. I got my reception desk from ikea, its not the style you are looking for but you could look for like a dressing table type thing?
  3. VanitySalon

    Yes I have looked on ebay, There is a lovely shabby chic reception desk but It is priced pretty highly and I'm really trying to watch what I'm spending. Last resort maybe I'll see if somebody could make me one.
    Thanks for helping :)
  4. hayleyb
    hi, im in the same situation as you but found out my local beauty supplier have vat free days once a month, if you need to buy alot of stuff they will give you a good deal and no vat added, ask them what deal they can do, have a look on REM, then look for your nearest supplier and check them out, think thats what im goin to do, i think might be the best option you dont know what yr gettin off e-bay, i want to see what im getting, good luck with the research,;)
  5. julesgems

    Just been to Dunelm Mill in Derby - they have some fab french looking chairs with/without arms in black, silver, cream/white. they are only £89 each! Would make great nail chairs with the right table - perhaps a glass top kidney one from Ikea?
  6. VanitySalon
    Hi Guys.

    Thanks for your replies. I have found the perfect furniture now, Salons all set up and looking fab! I will upload some pictures for you all to have a look.

  7. lucelasticx
    Where did you source your furniture from please for people with the same problem ????
  8. hunn1e
    i have the same problem now, please give websites...
  9. theextensionist
    Hi I am just resurrecting this thread because I have the same problem. Anyone know where to get retro/vintage/boudoir style salon furniture and fittings? I saw an image of someone that had Louis armchairs as salon chairs, any idea where you can get these? I would love if they are specific salon furniture but also other furniture stores that do these type of furniture and antique replicas.

    Any recommendations greatly appreciated. But not IKEA, I dont want IKEA. Im Swedish, I have enough IKEA, haha.
  10. Alex-Lydia
    Have seen a reproduction range advertised in February's Professional Hairdresser, company called WBX Europe, have not had a look at it, so not sure what its like, might be worth a google. x

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