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Discussion in 'Skin' started by danzi, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. danzi
    Hi everyone...
    I have a phone interview tomorrow with Clarins as a skin specialist....
    does anyone work for them? what sort of questions do they ask?
    im so nervous, i want this job so bad!!!
  2. MOS14
    Hi, I had a phone interview just over 3 weeks ago, it was quite straight forward, usual questions about experience, what I knew about Clarins and why did I want to work for them. I got told that I had passed this stage and could I come for a face to face interview the following week. This lasted for just over an hour, lots of questions about what I had done previously, you have to do a wee maths test, which was really easy, the questions were more about me rather than job and at the end I had to try and sell her a pen!!!! had to describe how it looked and felt etc. I thought the interview went really well but I am still waiting to hear from them, she did say they would be back in touch in 10 days. Luckily I had an other interview that week with a salon and start there tomorrow! Good luck, hope it goes well for you. What I would say is that it is a sales job and impression I got quite target driven. x
  3. rachey
    Hi ! I currently work for clarins! The post above is spot on question wise as to what's asked , but I also found the interview very welcoming ,relaxed and friendly. :) just want to say good luck! And hope u get it, I love working for clarins , the product allocation is awesome! :)
  4. danzi
    Thank you so much guys...this helped alot!!
    I havent got any experience in beauty so im really surprised they even got back to me!!
    But i do have alot of experience with customer service as i worked in a restuarant as head waitress, so if i get to come in for a face-to-face interview i will be very surprised!!
    Also what should i say for the questions "what do you know about clarins"
    and "why do you want to work for us" just an example would be so nervous i cant even think of anything to say...thank heaps again!!! xoxox
  5. MOS14
    Hi, This is so weird, I came home today and there was a message on the ans machine from the lady at Clarins that interviewed me saying sorry she hadn't been in touch but would call me back tomorrow! Have a look on Clarins website, it gives you info about the company, market leader in skincare etc. I believe their training is great, I was told initially I would have a weeks training in London and then another 2 courses in Edinburgh and also production allocation sounds great but again it is a sales job rather than a beauty job. Good Luck and let us know how you get on. x
  6. CazBeautica
    hey there, i also work for Clarins fab company to work for. Been with them fr 9 yrs! im now part time after having a little one last year but still enjoy. Allocation is an excellent perk to the job, as well as training and roadshows. Product sells itself and everyone no's the name so well. Good luck hun. xx
  7. danzi
    Thanks everyone! this has helped me so much!! Im a little less nervous now!
    Um what would you say about the question 'what do you know about clarins' stuck on this one?!

    I really hope they like me enough to come in for a face to face interview...ill let u all know how i go after the phone interview tomorrow! xo
  8. serenityroom

    How did your telephone interview go?

    I use to work for Clarins and thought they were great!

    Was Michelle your interviewer? She's lovely. Hope it went well!

  9. danzi
    Im sure it went well....i hope it did!!
    Yeah i had Michelle, she is wonderful, so nice...
    she said she will get back to me within 7 days if im that what she said to you? my fingers are crossed i want this job so bad! x

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