Client consultation card templates?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by angela1, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. angela1
    hiya all, does anyone know where i can download client record/consultation cards?
    thanks angela
  2. Debra-Elle
    Not meaning to hi-jack this post but hoped someone could clarify something for me. On the client consulation card I have a section which to complete and i'm a bit confused by it:

    Basic Skin Type - what does that mean?
    Skin tone - presumably you'd just put even or uneven
    Skin Colour - (I thought this was same as skin tone as guided by beauty manuals but Im obv wrong)
    Muscle tone - presumably taught or firm or relaxed.

    Given that y suggestions for answersthe are correct (and I realise it may be not be)
    Isn't it a little insensitive as the client can see the card

    What if she has uneven skin tone/relaxed muscle tone etc; she's not going to feel great about herself as she obv has to see it!!

    PS. These cards are ones provided by College and I have to insert them into my Portfolio so I can't modify them to be more client friendly
    Some constructive advice would be appreciated.
  3. Bev Rose
    I use this one too, If i'm not mistaken, I think this is worded by our own Gigi.

    I have amended it slightly and I include an question about occupation, but otherwise it's the same.
    I print it onto an A4 sheet with my company name at the top.
    Then I attatch (sp?) a bog standard record card that you can buy from W H Smiths and after the client has gone, I transfer name & phone number, then details of what I have done with the date & put it in my record card box.

    HTH xx
  4. hunnybunny

    basic skin type -oily, normal, combination sensitive etc
    skin tone - firm, large pores, smooth, small pores etc
    skin colour - sallow, ivory, etc
    muscle tone - taught, loose etc athletic peson obv taught, overweight, undefined etc
    hope this helps. xxxx
  5. hunnybunny
    when i was at college we disguised cruelties in what we called technical terms
    for example lady over weight, with greasy skin and lots of spots, wanted a facial and upper body and neck massage

    skin type - oily combination
    skin tone, open large pores dilated with sebum secretion. Various comedones and milia present (nice term for blackheads and spots)
    Skin colour - sallow, normal for skin type
    Muscle tone - Undefined muscle tone, soft tissue

    treatment facial and massage - oily skin products used, with pore refining and drying mask applied. After care advice given.
    Massage, deep tissue to help tighten muscle tone

    voila, she could read it and would be clueless.hope this helps, any more questions just ask i ran beauty classes after college and went through all this with a lot of students helping them through there first year.
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