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Are you religious with your client consultation cards?

  1. I always fill them out at every appointment in front of my client

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  2. I fill them out after my client has left

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  3. I don't use client consultation cards

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  4. What are client consultation cards?

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  1. ValencianNails
    Been going through my client consultation cards recently, sorting through them, putting irregular clients cards in a seperate folder etc etc...

    How many of us actually keep up to date, current, record cards for our clients?

    Do you fill them out at every appointment?

    Do you do them after the client has left or while the client is with you?

    If you don't then why not?

    Looking forward to your replies
  2. lotus blossom
    i do mine but they are on a computer!!
    i fill them in after the client has left and mention when they have rebooked for ( i e how many weeks etc)
    and if everything was ok and if there were any breakages or lifting i note which finger etc, the initial record lists all details like address, job, etc and if there are any meds taken that sort of thing,
  3. Jane
    I keep records cards and fill them out in front of my clients. It doesn't take long, first thing in the morning I get the ones out I need for that day and usually fill in the details when my client is washing her hands.
    It tells me alot about client patterns ie. breakages, I make notes on whether or not I make any changes, primer/no primer etc. Some of my clients find it amusing too, often ask what I'm going to write about them, if their nails are a disater I write OMG! :lol:
    I think it's a necessary part of the services we perform.
  4. Urban Geek
    I always fill out my client consulation card as it helps me remember what treatment they last had. It is also a handy reference for which polishes they wear. Without up-to-date client consultation cards, my insurance is void.

    I fill out the card in front of the client if I have time but more often than not I fill it out after they leave.

    Another great thread!
  5. Lellipop
    My first appointment I do a full consultation with the clients and fill out their card in front of them, I then fill out their cards after each appointment but not always with them present.
  6. scattyfox
    Im a good girl i am Miss, i alway fill out my cards and get the client to sign them every appointment.
  7. jac extreme
    same as you chris (my little scotish twin) I found that I was forgetting to do it so now get them out before the appoinment and fill them in either in front of the client or after if I am busy otherwise I found I was asking them what I did last time:rolleyes:
  8. *JOANNE*
    i use the creative consultation forms and i fill out with the client on initial consultation then i usually if there are no problems i fill the treatment line out either back at home after doing mobile or at the end of the day.
    when i am mobile i have them in my appointment book for that day incase there are any probs or they have a change of enamel.etc. if there are any lost tips. its a quick reference as well if someone loses tips if its on the same finger etc, i tend to write everything
    every 10 lines on the back of the card i have an asterix next to it so i can give them a free pinkie or mini lotion for as a loyalty gift.
    it also gives peace of mind for your insurance
  9. Peter Pan
    i havent ticked a box, as i either fill them in - in front of them, or when they leave. but they do get filled in
  10. Snugglepuss
    I always fill them out in front of a new client - but if sometimes when I am a tizz - I fill them out afterwards:green:
  11. Jen Smith
    I am a bit anal where client consultation cards go... I can't and wont do any treatment without completing the cards.

    I wish that Creative and other beauty consultation card producers would design a follow on card instead of wasting a full side each time with clients details .. it would be far better and more cost effective to have just the name of the client and 'sheet no 2 or 3 or whatever' and staple the cards together and then be able to use both sides of the cards with the clients treatment details :)
  12. Ragdoll >^..^<
    I use creative consultation cards and fill it all in - any replacements, service cost etc. and ask the client to sign it every time ( i do somethimes forget but not often)!
  13. bombini
    I read through my notes with client but fill them in afterwards,

    How long should you keep them for ? I thought the average was 3 - 5 years if it was a "one of client" but im sure i read recently its more like 15, or was i dreaming this ?!
  14. Debbies Gellies
    I ALWAYS fill the card out in front of the client and I always write it incase they cant. I turn it over and the treatment/colour etc.,. is listed there each visit with the price paid and products bought etc. I also make a note of their birth day without the year and send a £5 off birthday card (vista print one)
    I value my consultation card as much as I value the client. I cant have one without the other! hope that helps your poll

    PS My insurance also would not be valid without the card but I find I cant perform without the card so I really do it for me not the insurace.

    Glad to see you on line Sandi after the fires hope you are ok. XX
  15. leah82
    Same here!!!! Makes things so much easier!!:)
  16. pennijar
    I do mine while client is in the room then I book next appointment on record card as well.

  17. salonone
    I keep them filled out regularily...or so I thought. I just left the salon, back working out of my home/mobile, and I went through my client cards to notify them of my relocation...ooops! I had not kept up with them and now I have no way of contacting about 20 or more clients. I lose.

    This is such an important part of our job. I learnt my lesson I hope others will learn from it also.
  18. ainlebella
    I don't have many clients but I ALWAYS fill out a consultation card before I begin a service. I think it's a good practice and my clients do too. Some of them say they've never had a consult done before a service they just get in the chair and go. It also helps me see what kind of progress I've made with my client.
  19. nemotail
    With new clients I always go through their consultation card and fill it in in front of them. After that I usually fill them in after they leave unless something significant has to be recorded.
  20. Sal
    This is what I do but I also get the client to sign their card each time before I do their treatment.

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