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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Debs, Jun 1, 2003.

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  1. Debs
    Can anyone tell me what they do with regards to record cards.
    I have always had them but have never had my clients sign them. Having just done a creative foundation course it is part of the course to design a record card and of course the client signs it.
    Does everyone do this?
    I can see it is a great idea and probably a must nowadays but do we get them to sign for treatment each time they come in and how would we do this? wouldn`t it be loads of paperwork.
    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated
  2. naturalnails
    Hi Debbie,

    I have a client record card which has usual contact details, any health issues. I also take note of nail, skin and cuticle condition at their first appointment and I also tick boxes for nail length, shape etc that they require. I also give them a home care guide and mark on the card I have done this.

    I must admit though it is difficult to get people to sign as some people are a bit suspicious of signing anything. Most of my clients who have gone anywhere else are quite impressed that I even take their name and address lol. If however they want something that I would not recommend like longer nails than I suggest then I will insist that they sign accepting responsibility for going against my recommendations.

    I also take note of tip sizes for future referrence and also any varnish colour or airbrush design they choose. And of course any retail they purchase lol.

    I am half way there (well probably more than half) I just need to start to introduce the signature bit.

    Hope this goes some way to answer your questions
  3. Debs
    Thanks Fiona,
    I do all that, I just haven`t got round to getting them to sign for their service, I do see it as the way to go but like I said, would we get them to sign for every service they have and how would we sort out the paperwork so it isn`t in abundance.........headache or wot
  4. Jane
    I get each and every new client to fill out a record card. The card includes contact details, health, skin conditions, allergies, previous treatment, prefered nail shape, hobbies (just in case they're into rock climbing!) and occupation. I don't give them an option on length. I get them to sign and date it. I've never had a problem with anyone not signing it. I think you'll find that most people will realise that in doing this means that you are professional in what you do and will try and meet their needs.
    Attached to the record card I keep a service card. I fill it in every time they come for a service. When you have a full book it's hard to remember exactly what you did and in what condition the nails have come back to you in (breaks, lifting etc)
    I have some clients I prime and some I don't, some I use NF then SF only, but I could never remember if I didn't keep records.
    Bit of a goldfish memory maybe! :D
  5. Jane
    Sorry Debbie I forgot to add that I keep these in a large card index file box thingy that are available from any stationers. You can get aphabetical dividers to go in it. It takes up very little space, and filling out the cards doesn't take up much time. If you would like me send send you an example of the card I use I'd be glad to.
  6. Debs
    Thanks Jane,
    I bought my record cards from the local wholesalers, I keep all the records, I certainly don`t have a good memory.
    Do you get your clients to sign each time they come in or just once with the initial form
  7. Jane
    I just get them to sign the frist time them come in when they fill out the record card which contains the personal and confidential details. The card also has a disclaimer on it stating that I will not be held responsible for previous treatments by other techs should they come in with nails on done somewhere else.
  8. geeg
    I have never once had a problem in getting a client to sign the client record card. Similar to Jane.

    There is a sample client record card to be found in the NVQ part of the DesignerNails web site. This card is also an ongoing record of all salon visits.

    In our busy salon (8 nail technicians) in Leeds, the record cards are printed on an A4 sheet of paper and the visit record is on the back. Each one is stored in a poly-pocket and in a Lever Arch file in alphabetical order.

    Every morning, the cards are pulled for the days clients and filled in as the day goes along. It is so easy once it is routine.

    Of course it is not necessary for the client to sign every time. When they sign, they are signing up for a 'course' of treatment which implies that it is on-going.

    Do you know that it is a LEGAL requirement to keep record cards? Sad, that it is the EXCEPTION in most salons and not the RULE. I used to tell my technicians that it was a 'sackable' offence if they neglected to fill them out at every visit and we were 'religious' about doing it.

    We also used to print out the record cards in a different colour for new clients every month. That way, by just checking the cards of certain colours, we could tell if they had re-booked or not and could give them a ring or write to them to see if all was well, or to see why they were not continuing with the service. We found it absolutley essential to have them.
  9. Debs
    Thanks geeg, I do and always have kept records of everyone even if they only want a paint but I`ve never had them sign anything and I want to do things properly, you have to really don`t you. I`d like to see the copy from designer nails, would you know a link only I can`t seem to find it
  10. Debs
    Thanks again Jane,
    thats all I seem to be doing today, not much use at anything else.
    Thats the same as the one that was in our learning package, I thought it was another one.
    There is a Creative one in the Encyclopia of nails that looks nice, I wondered if they could be bought but I didn`t see them in the shop
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