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Discussion in 'Business' started by Sharkster, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Sharkster
    Well, says it all really. I've got my first thief - quite exciting really (oddly?)

    I am an independent therapist so it's a one to one basis and my salon is at the bottom of my garden so no passing trade and hardly any clients bring friends etc that would need to wait in reception while I'm not in the room. So theft has never been a problem for me in the 6 years that I've been here.

    I realised that a nail lacquer had gone missing, just a half use one from my stock that I had left on my nail desk. I'd had a few new clients that day and didn't notice it until I went to put everything away at the end of the day. Anyway, one of those new clients returned for another treatment last week. She was the last one of the day at the end of the week so after she had left I went back into my treatment room to finish off cleaning up and she's only gone and pinched my ruddy tweezers!

    Well, despite me prattling on to myself about never letting her in again she called to make an appointment and like a t*** I just said 'ok lovely' and booked her in. I can't believe that I did but I guess that I was just surprised and didn't know what to say.

    So I will keep a right good eye out but what do I do if I suspect that she has filled her pockets again? Do I challenger he? Do I wait for her to leave the building? Can I demand to look inside her bag? In a way I want to catch her red handed so I can tell her to bugger off and not book her in again but I'm a bit unsure of what I can do ( as opposed to what I want to do like give her a bloody good slap!)

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  2. HWilliams
    See, now I'd have to have a hidden camera then when I got it on tape, I'd nip round her house and show it to her. Bet you get your stuff back then!
  3. HWilliams
    Hang on..

    She PAYS you for her treatments, yeah?
  4. Sharkster
    Yeah, pays ok for treatments then just robs the odd product etc?

    Weird I know, but isn't there such thing where some people can't help picking stuff up & shoving it in their pockets?

  5. HWilliams

    Said it before, say it again

    Nowt as queer...
  6. Sharkster
    Also, good idea about the camera but can you have one in a treatment room where clients undress? I didn't think that was ok?
  7. jacquelineanna
  8. HWilliams
    No you can't but I would just to catch her and show just her. I don't mean go to police or nothing.
  9. HWilliams
    You stole my word cos I'm beautiful and you hate me for that

    The above was brought to you by Samantha Brick
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  10. Rinn
    put her in a totally empty room and say sorry i have to do this now as some loony keeps robbing stuff on me and bring in your equipment bit by bit, she might not call you again though. pity that
  11. HWilliams
    LOVE button!!!
  12. jacquelineanna
    Hahahahahaha, somebody stop me - well, stop you actually ... hmm, my little Jim Carey quote sounded good in my head but got 'lost in translation' lol.

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  13. HWilliams
    You're safe... I'm going to sleep xxx
  14. jacquelineanna
    Yep, empty room, camera, spot light, blind fold, strip search in, strip search out, ... that should sort the problem.

    We're not being very helpful tonight are we .. its the witching hour lol.
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  15. Sharkster
    Yeah love you guys but too much vino on the go at the mo me thinks so I'm buggering off to bed.

    Will see if the morning shift has something more constructive to add.

    Toodles. X
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  16. missfemale
  17. Kim Lawless
    Ask her if she'd like to try a new colour by OPI called 'Don't Bloody Thieve Me'
  18. Jodie4156
    Haha! She probably wouldn't even take notice n just say ooh yes please lol

    I definitely would use a hidden camera and only turn it on when she is due in so your not filming other clients getting changed etc xx
  19. izzidoll
    A hidden camera is excessive, and If I thought for a minute that a therapist had one in her room where I undress I would never book in with her again, and tell everyone why!

    When this client comes bak justmake sure you know where everything in your room is, and when you use a polish, put it away in your drawer when finished, dont leave anything unattended at all.
    If somehow you notice something has disappeared, then make a point of mentioning it, "Oh where is that polish/file/whatever it was there a minute ago...did you see it?"

    Make a point of looking for it, but I would certainly not accuse the client over a small item, and definitely would not ask to search her bag. I would just make a big fuss looking for it, so that she knows you know it has gone, and I would also mention the other things that have mysteriously disappeared too.

    But no direct confrontation, that could seriously backfire on you.
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  20. Haircutz
    Staff Member
    Can you make a point of locking the door to the entrance when she comes in?

    Tell her that you are following advice from the Police because some of your stuff has been stolen recently and the thief must be coming in and stealing during a treatment unless it's one of my lovely clients ha ha..

    To be said with a twinkly laugh...

    There's no way she'd risk nicking stuff after that. :lol:

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