client worried about spray tan and wrinkles

Discussion in 'Skin' started by tinkywinky, May 14, 2008.

  1. tinkywinky
    I've had a message from my client saying her mum is concerned the tan won't cover her wrinkles and she will look like a zebra?

    I've not tanned that many people in this situation but I am sure the tan covers all areas.

    Can anyone please confirm that wrinkles will be covered?!

    Sounds like a daft question!:confused:
  2. Jen Smith
    Are you talking crepe skin with wrinkles or lines of skin that fold?

    If you client has skin folds then you need to ask the client to stretch them out, ie.. on the back she can lift her arms up and inwards which will stretch her back so you can do a full spray into any crevice. Top of the leg, ask the client to step forward with one leg, this opens up the opposite leg smile line and you can spray this, then repeat with the other leg. If she has a 'wrinkle' on her sides of torso.. then the easiest way is to ask the client to slightly stretch over to one side to allow the skin to stretch on the opposite side.

    Just spray as you would normally, and where ever the 'wrinkle is' ask the client to stretch. You will be fine. I normally spray a little lighter in the creases too. :hug:
  3. Jaffacake
    I think she's talking about the sort of wrinkles you get with age Jen? Not a lot you can do about them, just spray as normal...

    You watch, i'll be the only one that doesn't stretch them all out and give the client what they are paying me for! :green:
  4. Jen Smith
    Well I had a couple of lovely ladies in on Sunday morning coming for a spray tan before their holiday. The first lady was 78 and her sister was 83. I sprayed them both with 8% and they looked lovely and natural :)

    I didn't ask either to stretch.. just sprayed a normal tan. They were both very trim ladies with no 'wrinkles' or anything that needed to be dealt with any differently than younger clients. :hug:
  5. tinkywinky
    Apparently these are wrinkles on the back of the arms and knees and legs! Thanks Jen I will explain what I need to do. Bit like spraying a very saggy tummy, getting them to lift it up if you like.
  6. bexi
    the only thing to remember is that if the skin is very wrinkled then they would not naturally tan in those places anyway.


    becki xxxx

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