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  1. HCCAR
    I just aquired a hair salon in the Clydach area of Swansea with excellent parking facilities, I now have to renovate it to a really high standard which will take around 6 - 8 weeks, so there is an opportunity for someone to rent a room off myself and if you reply before we start the renovation in the next 7 - 14 days, you will have your say on how you would like it to be designed, eg the number of required chrome electric sockets and where you want them to be situated, where you would like a sink and so on.

    The room will be £ 25 a week as I beleive in helping people out, this will be reviewed in 6 months and if rent can be incresed to £ 50 a week it will but if you genuinely can't afford anymore then it will stay at £ 25 and reviewed in another 6 months time and you have my word on that. We will have to come to a price for water and electric that we both think is a fair one.

    The size of the room is roughly 12 feet x 10.

    I will be doing a massive leaflet drop of between 5,000 and 10,000 leaflets in the huge surrounding areas with the help of family and close friends 2 - 4 weeks before the salon opens and I would expect you to get involved in that and I am prepared to mention you on the flyer at a very small charge eg £ 50.

    My website will be going live in a couple of weeks time and I am prepared to give you you own page for a small charge of £ 5.00 a month, that's if you want to.

    Just for the record I want you to feel part of my team and not by yourself.

    I have worked in a number of salons where the atmosphere is not a nice place to work in and I can guarentee you this, if any member of the team cannot say something in a nice way with a smile on their face, they better not say anything at all, as I won't put up with any backstabbing or bitchyness in my salon, it will always be a nice friendly relaxed atmoshphere for staff and clients and to me this is vitally important.

    If you are interested or you know of someone that maybe interested please get in touch via PM. Thank You

    PS I do have a brand new massage table you could have, it's never been used.
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  2. HCCAR
    We have a spray tanner on board but we still have the room for rent.
    Thank You

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