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Discussion in 'Business' started by annabeebalc, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. annabeebalc

    Staffing problems...

    Does anyone have a code of conduct that they ask their stylists to adhere to? Or rules and regs?

    Having trouble with lateness, personal phone calls, lack of uniform, rudeness, lack of respect, stealing and other annoying things.

    Would like to hold a staff meeting with all my stylists (who are self employed) and bring them up a little on the standards I expect.

    If you can help I'd be sooooo greatful!!!

    Many thanks
  2. persianista
    Mine get a staff handbook. My self employed renters have it written into their contract that they will abide by normal rules of good conduct in salon. However if they are self employed, it is down to them what time they arrive and leave, and whether they use a mobile phone in salon etc.
  3. annabeebalc
    what's in your staff handbook. Have a feeling this is something I should have done at the start. Perhaps I could draw one up and invite her to feedback on it?
  4. slade
    The way i see it is that its your salon so they do as they are told!. We do not allow mobile phones to be used in the day apart from lunch hours (they hand them in at the start of the day now because a girl was sneaking off to the toilet to use hers! We have a staff guide book where it states what they can and can not do. If you need a copy im happy to email it to you
    good luck
  5. annabeebalc
  6. jes
    As long as self employed therapists are paying their rent and not doing anything detrimental to your salon or clientèle I can't see where there's much more you can make them do?

    You have to remember they are not employees, so you can't tell them what hours to do and you can't tell them what work to do. I can't, really, see how you could stop them using their mobiles either, or why you would want to?

    I suppose you could ask them to dress smartly and professionally (should be common sense to them though), but if they want to wear colours and/or logos that go with their business, then there's no stopping them.

    Cleanliness and tidiness are part of health and safety policy, so you could insist that their areas are kept in order.

    Theft is a serious matter which is an obvious reason for termination of contract and/or police involvement

  7. sha26
    things are going missing in my salon and i dont know how to figure out what is going on how does anyone address these issues without accusing anyone?????
    also just employed new girl and where does anyone get staff handbooks from??
  8. Lucy-Jayne
    I just made mine up as I went along, by writing down all the points I had issues with, then more came. You'll find yourself writing even the basic things that they probably even do, but it all helps. Then organise it in a professional way.

    The first thing I'd do with theft is call everyone together and say that you'd noticed that such and such had gone missing etc. Then point blank ask if anyone knows anything about it. Give them a chance to come forward. If nobody comes forward and you have no idea who it is, then let them know that steps are going to be put in place to ensure that it doesn't happen again and if it does, bag searches will be carried out every time someone leaves the premises and anyone caught stealing will be sacked straight on the spot.

    Sometimes it's enough to just let them know that you know, and they won't do it again.

    Hope this helps.
  9. lauramakeupart
    you can't really take someones mobile phone from them if they are self employed. They may be taking business calls just as you would do at your salon.

    Maybe you'd be better of getting contracted staff if you would like to control every aspect of staff issues. I can see where you are coming from though, but this is a little perk of being self employed - to have freedom, I know I keep self employed at work and refuse to go contracted because I have the little perks of going to shops when I'm not busy, going out to use my phone etc, I would never take a call at work though.

    Maybe you could just ask them to respect the salon by not openly sitting about texting, slumped in a chair, and also maybe ask them to take personal calls outside the salon as you don't want your customers knowing what we jeannie threw up at the weekend etc, arguments with the b.f, you get the picture lol! xx I hope this helps! :D

    p.s - you should make them bring their own products or the chance to purchase a discounted kit from you, if they are self employed, stops product theft xx
  10. Exquisite Touch
    Yes they are self employed but are you not technically subcontracting the work out that you cannot do yourself. My girls arent allowed mobiles in salon. It goes in the staff room and if they are brewing up or a ciggie break then fine otherwise it stays in back. It's a bug bear of mine and |I have before now launched ones mobile in the staff room as she kept reading texts and stopping half way through treatments. Its my name over the door and I have a standard to keep and if they are not to adhere to it then off you pop.

    Regarding theft i had to deal with this also and set up cctv in salon with a static ip address so i could view from home. it soon stopped.......
    hope you get it sorted chick
  11. lauramakeupart

    that's ridiculous using a mobile phone during treatments! Hope she was cleaning her hands ! static i.p address is a brill idea :D xx
  12. Carlalouise
    I feel for you, it is your business / premises but NO you're not subcontracting, they're renting your space for their own business, however if they are not conducting themselves in a professional manner you could ask them to leave.

    Most professionals would never dream of answering their mobile in the middle of a treatment, they wont keep their customers for long!! I have a salon at home and I am the only person who can answer the phone but I always let it go to a/p and ring the no. back after my client has left.

    With regards to rudeness, people have normally gone self employed for a reason, I would never work for someone ever again because Im not good at being told what to do and if someone does start throwing their weight around I will be rude! Perhaps they feel you're trying to control them, a meeting, clearing the air could help.

    If you think you're losing control and you're not happy with your salon environment, I would suggest you employ all staff and give notice to the self employed. You can find HR freelance people who could help you write your staff handbook and will advise on what you can and can't request of your staff.

    Good luck
  13. PinkBlonde
    This is a difficult one. i think you need to find out where you stand legally when it comes down to who makes the rules. If it is a case of your salon, your rules, then I think the handbook idea is great, and you can be confident when enforcing rules and guidelines.

    You need to be careful if you have no or little legal authority over self emplyed workers, as you could get into trouble if you issue warnings or even dismiss someone when really you shouldn't have.

    Maybe research a bit into this, perhaps try the acas website or speak to someone from your citizens advice beureux.

    I hope you can get these issues resolved, I know I would be mega frustrated if I was in your position!
  14. Lynne Baker
    This is why I'm a member of the FSB.
    I can get all this legal advice as a member benefit, and I'm pretty sure they have staff handbooks that can be downloaded then tailored to suit.
    And frankly, I wouldn't care if they're self employed; if they don't toe the line I'd find someone else to rent the chair!

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