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Discussion in 'Hair' started by missfit, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. missfit
    I put a wella 12.81 on my client tonight and it's practically dark silver/grey help!!!

    I know i need to put warmth back into it so was thinking a 10.03 but worried it might not be enough and really dont want to get this wrong.

    Any advice please??
  2. bexster
    try and get as much of the ash out as possible first, putting a gold over ash is not a good idea in my opinion. blue and yellow make green.

    try a deep clarifying shampoo first or if the hair will take it, a bleach shampoo to get the ash out.

    then re-evaluate the colour and go from there.

    hth x
  3. Lamaur man
    I agree with Bexster.

    Was her hair already bleached and porous before you put the 12/81 on her hair.
    If it was, this is why it has gone too dark and ashy. Remember that the /8 tone is pearl (blue), and this can go too dark on porous hair. Maybe next time just use 12/1 or 12/16 if trying to neutralise gold tones.

    If you are trying to netralise gold tones in porous bleached hair, I would just use an ashy type toner instead. ie color fresh , but watch the development closely, as this may also go too dark and ashy if you leave it too long. Sometimes toners need to be on for only a few minutes and you have to apply them to the hair extremely quickly. In this case, get another person to apply it with you.

  4. Bluerinse
    Another one I like if it's just to remove tone, bleach powder and warm water, just get it on, massage slightly and should do it very quickly. Save using peroxide again. But yes this would of been from tone overload from highlift tint onto previously lifted ends.
  5. sarah_clancy
    I had a colour correction in the other day,,,
    She was white blonde and very much grey, we literally did white bleach powder and warm water.
    Left and visually watched for about 10 mins. Worked a DREAM, all thanks to the wonderful knowledge from the salon geeks!!

    And under all the ash was the creamy blonde she was prior to trashing it :)

    Good luck, let us know how you get on!
  6. del<3
    Yeh I'd defo bleach and water it the grey tone makes it drop a shade or two so if you were to try and counteract the ash you'd end up doing more damage to the colour!

    Just keep rubbing it through the hair and watch it fade the ash out good luck!
  7. missfit
    thanks guys going to try the bleach and water and see how i go. Fingers crossed it lifts the colour and thats enough.

    I don't know what I'd do without this site anymore its a god send for us mobile hairdressers :)))

    Fingers crossed for me tonight!!
  8. missfit
    Sorry lamaur man to answr your question her hair wasn't bleached but it was quite porous. It was about a base 7/8 and very warm - orangey looking. In hindsight there was a slught khaki tone to some parts of it so that should have been the give away sign!!

    It was the wrong colour to put on as I should have stayed away from the .81. It's done now lesson learnt but I just need to get it back to the blonde she wanted.

    I'll try the bleach and water and see how I go and hope it lifts the ash off.
  9. beckstar!
    Hi girls I also have a colour prob! Sorry to just jump in on another thread, but I'm new to all this and I'm not sure how to post! I thought I did post but it went on to something called my forum, can someone please help or if you have the time, can you tel me if you can see my thread at all on my forum? I don't even no wot that is lol sorry I'm a put newbe, my thread was headed far to bright! Please help! Thanx beckstar! X

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