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Discussion in 'Hair' started by firefly9, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. firefly9

    My natural hair colour is blonde, and last year I made the foolish step of dyeing it jet-black, which I've paid for ever since.

    I went to my cousin who is a hairdresser and she used a product called Affinage Eraser, which did not damage my hair and made it go from black to a medium brown (obviously the end colour before the re-dye was horrible and patchy).

    I've been a medium to light brown ever since, and been caught in that cycle of re-dyeing due to the harsh fading of the brown, and now I want to head back to blonde.

    I am currently a light chesnut brown, and I want to go to a medium/dark ash blonde. I'm going to have it stripped again, and hopefully (considering the results from the previous time) it will lift the colour and remove the brown light enough for me to have it re-dyed a medium/dark ash blonde (my natural colour).. do you think this is plausible? Thanks.

    So basically I want to go from..
    (these are just examples)

    (128 Lightest Golden Brown)

    To this:
    (106D Dark Cool Blonde)
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  2. paulette
    without seeing your hair its hard really to comment but...
    My friend had her hair coloured from blonde to dark and after a few months decided to try to go lighter again. We both have the same hairdresser and she used the Affinage Eraser with great results then proceeded to put in weaved highlights. the colour lifted well from using the eraser so I would think that an experienced hairdresser could transform you!
  3. liana kay
    its really hard to achieve a naturally mousey colour . id have hi and lo lights to help grow it out the hard way. sorry!
  4. scottydolly
    i agree, lots of foils to break it up wit couple o blondes, will help u feel blonde till its all grown out. . .x
  5. firefly9
    Thanks for your advice.

    Yeah I'm gonna get some highlights to help me get towards blonde, but surely even if it doesn't go the colour I want.. its good to use the colour stripper so that its easier for highlights to go on the lighter colour and will fade to my natural quicker?
  6. minky
    Hi once your natural shade has had colour on it to change it ,
    the coloured parts wont ever fade out to a natural shade again,
    it will have to grow back to natural,

    as someone else mentioned it is very hard to get back to a natural looking mousy blonde colour , it will always have some unwanted warmer tones in it ,
    and if you do try and get rid of these warmer tones it can end up with grab or go dark or too flat and kahki looking ,

    you can always tint it to a natural looking base tone while you grow it out
    but you may have a little warmth in it too along with your highlights

    if you are going to go for a stripper tint and highlights make sure your hairdresser does all the necessary tests pieces first ,
    as its a colour correction it will be quite a big job,
    please don't try doing it yourself unless you are a hairdresser ,

    you could go to your college and book in for a colour correction
    they have excellent guidance with the tutors
    anyways good luck minky :hug:
  7. firefly9
    I understand my hair will never go back to its natural state, but hopefully if I managed to strip it to a lighter colour, there would be less of the harsh fading which occurs from artificial brown to natural blonde.

    Do you reckon this is a good idea..

    • Wait for it to fade a bit more and have it stripped to a probable nasty (but lighter) colour.
    • Ask the hairdresser for the closest re-colour possible to a medium/dark ash blonde.
    • After my hair gets used to the new colour, get gradual highlights and finally get a full head of highlights.
    The main reason why i'd rather strip it to a lighter base, rather then just put a highlights over it is because I wouldn't want the nasty fading which would occur from the artifcial brown underneath, which would ruin the look. Hopefully if i'm lighter and in the blonde region, the fading will be less severe.

    With colour stripping, should you wait 24 hours before the hairdresser then applies the re-colour? As previously I noticed that re-colours on stripped hair go really dark.
  8. scottydolly
    in my opinion the best thing to do is get it done in a oner. . get the hair stripped to as light as it can go, then it will be blasted dry and an assessment can be made, shud it be a nasty gingery tone all that needs to be done is ensure and ash based colour onto it. . i wud probably get a full head of foils as u go, ensuring these are also ash based, at least two different blondes, avoiding bleach unless u want one of the blondes to be uuber light. . at least if u get it all done at once thats it done, a good stylist shud be able to do this in one go, hell i've done it haha. . mind u i did bleach bath the hair because the client was going from black to blonde and using a reducer just wouldnt have came close to stripping it enough. . if it is stripped enuff i suggest using wella 10/1 or 10/16 or 10/8 in 12% as at least one of these foils, i have had very positive results when using these over aritificial browns that havent been stripped so if it has been stripped i assume it will be even better. they are all ash/violet and will counteract the warmth. . xx
  9. xAnnaBannAx
    Hi im a nail geek not a hair geek so dont take what i say as pro advise or anything! but i was in a similarish situation to natural colour is sort of mousey brown so years ago i used to have it highlighted all the time so it was really light all over...i decided to try do it myself one day! lol and messed it paniced...and dyed it dark all over...ive had it colourd dark ever since....

    a few months back i decided i wanted to change and go really light hairdresser (altho reluctant...but persuaded by moi lol) used a cap and gave me a full set of hair was very dark prior to the highlights...afterwards my hair had lightened all over...the ends of my hair didnt lighten as much as the top bits (because of the dye in my hair growing out and mainly being in the ends/bottom half of my hair) but it looked ok because it was highlights it all sort of blended ok....the following week i went back (i wasnt quite satisfied..still alot of dark in it) and told my hairdresser i wanted it to be MORE blonde (she was very reluctant again....but once again persuaded! lol) this time she did a full head of chunkier highlights using foils this time...she also put a few red highlights through....i was very pleased with the ready for another lot now (roots!) but my hair is mostly blonde now and im pleased...

    think my hairdresser was mostly concerned it would only go orange and not blonde...but i was happy to take the risk...and it worked out ok...if worse comes to worse...dye it all over again! lol

    So basically if i was you...i wouldnt faff about with stripping etc etc...just go get a full head of blonde highlights... that will lighten it all over...then go back again to concentrate on getting just the right shade and amount of blonde colour you want.

    Like i say im not a professional just telling you what happened with me x
  10. minky
    there is another recent link about stripping colour that may be of some help to you
    as its pretty much the same problem as yours,

    one of the best thing I can advise you to do is get done test pieces done on everything before you go ahead with anything

    this will take away all the guess work for you
    and your hairdresser can do this for you ,

    here is the link,
  11. Diana_Kyte1
    I had medium blonde hair that I started to have highlighted when I was 14, it was lovely but like everyone I had to go a step further and within no time I dyed my hair platinum blonde, I was this colour for 6 years until just over a year ago I dyed it dark and ended up almost raven black. I have tried to lighten my hair to a light brown and now it is slightly lighter with gingery roots!
    I've been to my local hairdresser and they have suggested 'stripping' my hair, I am worried of the damage it is going to do to my hair but know it is the only way to get anywhere near to my natural colour so i'm booked in tomorrow.
    The thing that concerns me the most though is the end colour.
    I know after the stripping I probably won't like the colour and I am having either highlights or a total colour putting on top.
    I am hoping I will get an ash colour from the stripping and then highlights it will look somewhat like the colour it was 8 years ago.
    What do you think?
    Maybe I am expecting miracles, but i dont want to be having to keep going back to the salon for this. Can they do it all on the day??
    I dont want to be walking round in between with a dreadful colour!
  12. scottydolly
    it is very unliekl;y ur hair will become ash after it is stripped, they will have to recolour the lot and probably do foils to. . see above for previous posts. . x

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