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Discussion in 'Business' started by -sophisticutz-, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. -sophisticutz-

    I am looking for an online supplier that provides individual pre packed biscuits and was wondering if anybody on here uses such a supplier?

    Thanks :)
  2. angeleyes01
    I got some lovely chocolates made with my logo and contact details on the cover. They didn't cost too much and were fab. Client is happy and they leave with your contact details in their hand. I'll have to check who the supplier was for you ...
  3. allyballybee
    There are individually wrapped cafe biscuits available in Tescos or you can get them in Macros in big boxes.

  4. loubilicious
    Hi I saw these when Angelina posted about her coffee stirrers.
    I think these are the same ones Tesco sell.
    Fairtrade Caramelised Biscuits (200 biscuits) :: Discount Coffee

    I have some friends who run a small hotel, the biscuits they buy are very nice!! I'll ask them this week where they get them from, and post again when I have the info.

    HTH, Lou x
  5. -sophisticutz-
    Thanks guys! Definitely interested in those chocolates too!

    For personalised chocolate have a look at :hug:
  7. -sophisticutz-
    Cheers. I have already looked at these guys, too expensive to have on my desk: £100 for 500 :eek:

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