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Discussion in 'Nail' started by bebo*, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. bebo*
    I had a client last week and she had cracked heels and hard skin. I used a standard foot file from Sally's and the pedi foot cream but she informed me
    That there has not been no real difference just ow on the phone!!! Fe
    Any recommendations what to use for cracked heels and what's a very good foot file to take way dead dry and hard skin?
  2. deanosnana
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    For myself, I use a foot file from Sally's. It's white with a brown abrasive on one side and black abrasive on the other. I file my heels while they are dry and the hard skin comes off like sawdust. Then use CND's Cucumber Heel Therapy. If she does that three times a week, it should help.

    If not, could it be a medical condition?
  3. souz
    quite often the foot file is not enough - id say on 90% of my clients

    i use a hard skin remover, you can get one in all beauty supplies, sometimes for really bad heels then a callus remover plane, you could also look at callus peel from beauty select ....create a trade account online

  4. bebo*
    Thank you so much ladies :)
    I will go back to Sally's and will get the one you recommended.
    Callus peel sounds good too will check it put.

  5. kerry0875
    Hi, I always feel that a file isn't enough either but think using a blade is a grey area where insurance is concerned?? I think I would advise a client with cracked heels to see a chiropodist every so many weeks and offer to upkeep inbetween?
  6. besthands
    In many states in US the razor plane is not allowed in salons. I know many salons still use it but it can inflict serious cuts. I use an awesome foot file from Starpro. Its solid stainless steel and has single use grit tapes in 180 and 80 grit. This thing rocks!! After a nice sanitizing soak of 7-10 minutes the hard skin and callous is removed very easily! I don't use the callous off foot acid ever anymore, I also use an electric foot file for hard to reach areas. Its made by Medicool and made in Germany high end tool.
    Honestly, in the last four months of using the new foot file my clients feet have never been as nice s right now! And they certainly have noticed the difference, and i get to be the hero!!! :)
    Almost forgot i also recomend a product to my clients called Kerasol, its available at the local drug store and its excellent as a thick/hard skin remover and foot softener.
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  7. lilly104
    why dont you advise your client to carry out some homecare treatment ?
  8. Andrea85
    I would recommend CND Cucumber Heel Therapy as a maintenance product for her to use after you've done the pedicures.
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  9. GlamourEyes11
    Callus peel is fab for this xxx
  10. elainel
    In my opinion I think it is about setting expectations about what can be achieved during a pedicure which is after all a beautifying treatment and nothing more. Cracked heels are something that is usually treated as a Chiropody or Foot Health appointment, I would use a scalpel and then lashings of 25% Urea foot cream (eg Flexitol or Simply Feet) which IMHO in the only sort of cream which will penetrate and help cracked heels.

    However if I am doing a Pedicure then I am strictly not allowed to use a blade so my only option is a Callus softener and a really gritty foot file. I would love to hear if anyone else has any other solutions to this problem.

    Cracked heels can occur for a variety of reasons and not just from wearing sandals and general neglect - prolonged standing, obesity, flat feet & high arched feet, abnormalities of gait and hormone imbalances.

    Elaine x

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