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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by LBR, Apr 24, 2004.

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  1. LBR

    Just about to open for business but thought I'd better order some nail varnish.

    I was going to order some nail varnishes from Creative today, but found they were closed but this now gives me the opportunity to find out from Creative users - what nails colours would you not be without in your salon?

    I was initially going to order half a dozen colours, what do you think and what colours, please?

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. Trinity

    I personally am loving Spike - fantastic deep red

    Last 3 clients wanting enamel have all had Strawberry Smoothie - nice girlie shimmery pink

    If you ask your nearest OSNS they can give you a list of the top 10 sellers for your area (I think it varies from area to area).

    I purchased 3 each of the top 10 from Acton (1 for my mobile kit, one for my home salon, and one for instant retail) - there are so many lovely colours it's hard to pick just a few :eek:

    Happy spending :green:

  3. Planet-Nails

    My top three sellers and also my personal favourites (strange that - lol) are

    Moonlight & Roses, Blueberries & Cream and Rebel with a Cause....

    Hope that is of help and good luck with the opening day and the future!

  4. geeg
    Don't forget French Colours ... Creme Puff and Beau OR Negligée these are a must.

    You need a really good true RED like company Red or an Orangy feisty red like fiesta (my favorite).

    Some good neutral colours as suggested above too.
  5. Planet-Nails
    OOOO and i nearly forgot....

    Hotski to Tchotochke - the wicked blue/green summer colour....CND where i get my bits from are always selling out of it so I end up buying 6 at a time!! Never have a problem selling them on especially with summer comming up.

    This colour also looks wicked with Silver Northern Lights over the top (which was recommended to me by my CND instructor and i must say i use nearly all the time.

  6. Mrs Geek
    The NEW Summer Colours are in Vogue this month (at least 2 of them anyway) p.120 - missing are a bright PINK and YELLOW - these will be due out May / June - Gorgeous!!
  7. Planet-Nails

    Not more new colours pleaseee!

    I spend enough in the shop as it is, make them stop Mrs Geek please otherwise everything i earn will be spent on new enamel!!
  8. LBR
    Thanks alot girls, I've written all your choices/favourites down and will speak to them tomorrow when I order my Spamanicure Kit.

    Thanks again, you are all wonderful! :lol:
  9. Little Angel

    Glam queen, iced cappucino, brighten up, spike
  10. RAQUEL
    cuppa joe... do not forget him!!!!!!
  11. naturalnails
    Romance and Breathless as well as Spike are probably my most asked for ones at the moment, as well as the old favourite French - I use Beau or Moonlight & Roses.
  12. Welsh Geek
    Romance and Breathless are also my best two colours.... gorgeous!!

    Don't be without Moonlight and Roses, this is a must for that 'just there' colour, but also to hide flaws in the natural nail!

    Spike and Tooty Fruity have always sold well too...
    I find for french the best are Negligee, Creme Puff and Moonlight & Roses!

    Hope this is of some help, although if you are going to get some colours, I would advise " In for a penny, In for a pound", get a nice arrangement of colours... with a stand for a salon, or if you're mobile you can get them in a carry case.!! At least then you can choose colours from the whole spectrum!
    (It kills me when I go to a show, and can't have every colour!!! lol )


  13. Jacky
    Breathless was in my Retention Starter Kit when I did FDFC so its what we used to enamel those "beauties" (NOT!!!! and still NOT!!! lol) when we had finished em and attached em to the assesment card for marking!
    It will always have a special place in my heart!!!!!
    Many of my clients love it too!

    Moonlight and Roses has to be a must for a lovely shimmery twist to a French.
    Creme puff is a brilliant (not Brilliant as in "bright" but brilliant as in BRILLIANT!) white which I have come to love and treasure as it just makes French enamelling sooooo easy! My "bestest friend" enamel that one!!

    Im sporting "Satin Sheets" (a divine shimmery deep red) on my tootsies......I feel all glam with that!

    Choices choices eh???
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