cuticle cream or oil

Discussion in 'Nail' started by huerta3, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. huerta3
    Is cuticle cream as/more effective as cuticle oil? Which is better to use?

    I use Burts Bees cuticle cream it has vitamin e and almond oil and a bunch of extracts. The cuticle oil is mineral oil and carotene.
  2. Nail creations
    I think the oil is better to use i use solar oil from creative its lovely my clients love it as well.
  3. ValencianNails
    The benefit of using an oil is that it's finer than a cream, as in, it is able to penetrate better.
    I don't use a cream, never have done, always used an oil, I now use Solar Oil and wouldn't swap it for the world, even if I changed product brands I'd still keep Solar Oil :wink2:
  4. 1999judy
    I prefer oil, I use EzFlow Essential Oil at home and at work. I keep one at the side of the bed so I don't forget to apply it at night when I'm reading my book.
  5. huerta3
    Thanks. Oil penetrating better make perfectly good sense I don't know why I didn't think of that.
  6. geeg
    Trouble is that it is only botanical oils that will penetrate and MINERAL oils will not!!

    Stick to your cream if you like it, at least it is botanical and sounds much better. Or use the fabulous Solar Oil by Creative; it is not for nothing that this wonderful oil is a Hall Of Fame product and your clients should know of it by reputation so it is so easy to sell ... the reputation of this product is so high because it does what it says it will do.
  7. VHunter
    I was under the impression that mineral oils were one of the things that can cause lifting?

    I use cuticle oil, not creams.
  8. huerta3
    I have heard a many great things about solar oil. I think I will give it a go. I am still trying out stuff to find the products that I like best and it sounds like this will be one of the one's I keep. Thanks.:)
  9. Anna Lee
    sorry to be a dumbo.... but what is the difference between botanical oil and mineral oil....?
  10. Hope
    I think that mineral oils are refined from petroleum, whereas botanical oils are obtained from plants/nuts/seeds etc. I think I have got that right!
  11. geeg
    There is more than the difference from where they come.

    Quite right, MINERAL OILS are petroleum based. Their molecular size is HUGE (they lie on top of the skin and basically smother it) compared to botanical oils (WHICH ARE DERIVED FROM PLANTS) and are very small in size (hence why the oil can actually penetrate, not only the skin cells of the human body, but through the enhancement as well).

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