Dashing Diva French Wrap Plus

Discussion in 'Nail' started by michelle30, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. michelle30
    Hi has anyone used these? What is the general geek opinion
  2. Nataliya
    I use these on clients with really short nails, nails that are badly delaminated or extremely thin and wants french. I then overlay them with CND SHELLAC original power polish):D
  3. michelle30
    Oo sounds fab. Thanks for that :)
  4. talonsalon
    i use them i actually have them on lol, i also use them on damaged dry nails, badly bitten ect, they are very easy to apply but i would advise on using the gelbond instead of their glue as its not that good hth:D i use a soak off polish on top and it really does finish them off, the toe french wraps are fab as well x
  5. Only-me
    Not yet but on the dashing diva course this weekend ;) x
  6. Cliché
    I got orange and white french wraps a few weeks ago and they're really awesome. But you need a REALLY good glue, otherwise the corners will lift pretty easily.

    I used mine with Gelish top coat so they lasted quite a while. I love them!
  7. michelle30
    Think I might invest in these then. Thanks for the input :)
  8. Nataliya
    I will second that, you need a really good adhesive. I use CND Gel bond, its a gap filling adhesive. It works really well with divas)
  9. waffy
    Where can you get these from?
  10. sarasparkles201
    You can buy direct from [url=http://www.dashingdivauk.com
  11. Only-me
    Love them... Here is my first go.. After attending the workshop yesterday, Soo easy feel excited bout this and their whole range
    French wrap plus with dashing diva gelife glitter pink and top coat x

    This is their design fx

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