Dashing Divas French Wrap System

Discussion in 'Nail' started by joe90, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. showson
    i love them they make my life so much easier and i am all for that, i am wearing them on myself and i have just dont a client this morning who wanted French gel overlays so used this instead of white gel and they look fab she was really pleased with them, will try and up load a piccie if i can ;)
  2. angel fingers
    would also love to know if you use it with gel does it cause any problems with free edge separation, or does it in fact assist in the prevention of this problem ?
  3. Mrs Geek
    I have no idea as we are not doing those products!

    Not sure - we're not getting them - sorry!:eek: ;)
  4. The Beauty Shed
    Right, that's it then, I'm sold....will be ordering them along with my Shellac kit in the next month or 2
  5. Nataliya
    Samantha, I have a question too please)

    Will Brisa cure properly over Dashing Diva?

  6. Mrs Geek

    off course!;)
  7. angel fingers
    so what do you recomend to use before a gel application with them?
  8. mizzy_dizzy
    How much will you all be charging for the nail wraps?
    Of course I will ask at sweet squared, but I'm just wondering the kind of price and service your all thinking of doing with them? I know we don't say professional trade prices on hear but surely treatment prices are ok?as they will be on your price lists anyway right? If not P.M me as I'm really curious lol , P.S I didn't know if I should start a new thread or not for this,
  9. tigi
    ok ok you have all sold them to me and i have ordered some ! oh i am so excited........ i dont like doing french as a rule as i dont like that they dont last. but now that will change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hurray xxxxxxxxx
  10. Mrs Geek
    Prep as normal, apply FWP and apply the system you use the way you always use it over the top.
  11. Caz82
    I've just used these on my own nails, they're fab, easy to use and quick.

    I really am impressed and definitely recommend them!
  12. Nail Envi
    Me too, I didn't have the patience to wait until the Event and received my order today. Only tried it on 1 fingernail and its amazing, they're a bit too easy and it kinda feels like cheating, lol! Will definitely make life so much easier!! :D I was going to minx my toes for the event, but thinking of maybe doing this now, decisions, decisions!! x
  13. dellaznailz

    Cheating lol, like PopIts?

    Wow, now there's an idea :D Dashing Diva PopIts!
  14. Nataliya
    I thought that too lol. I am thinking to try Shellac over it that's a thought) can't wait - not long now;)
  15. Sparkle'n'shine
    anyone in the essex romford area offer this?

  16. Red Ruby
    Does FWP suit every nail shape/length or is it just suitable for a shorter nail.:D
  17. Mrs Geek
    There are FWP with thin smiles for shorter natural nails and wider (longer smailes) for longer natural nails.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2010
  18. Red Ruby
    Cool...that great. Was worried that they wouldnt suit longer nails !!
  19. pips
    And fab colours they have too, i already have purple, blue, white, black, bronze & gold...cant wait to get some red, pink & green ones (if S2 have them) :D
  20. Mrs Geek
    We don't!! .... yet anyway!

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