difference Between a Beauty Salon and a Spa

Discussion in 'Business' started by oey, May 15, 2007.

  1. oey
    Hi guys.

    Was having a conversation with an old college friend of mine the other day and we were discussing what makes the difference between a beauty salon and a spa.

    We have seen some "spa's" advertised and tried to work out when this type of establishment could call it self a spa as we didnt think the place that was advertising this was big enough.

    Please let me know what you think the difference is.
  2. bombini
    To me a Spa has a Swimming Pool, Sauna, Hydrotherapy, Gym etc etc, at least 6 treatment rooms, a Skincare range that offers face & body treatments and access to Lunch Facilities. Also a wide variety of treatments & possibly more than two Skincare ranges.

    I have worked in two Spas that had all of the above and more.

    There is a salon near me that calls itself a Spa when it has none of the above, I just don't understand it. To me it just looks like a normal beauty salon, it has two treatment rooms & a reception area.
  3. oey
    Thanks Juliette.

    What other experiences do you geeks have with Spa's.
  4. florence2004
    I would say that a Spa needs to have at least a sauna, steam room and whirlpool. I would usually say a swimming pool to but I have been to Spa 1887 in Sheffield (i think the numbers are right been a while since I went) which is actually set in an old victorian public baths but they don't have a swimming pool. They provided refreshments as well which I think is part of a Spa.

    The best one I have been to so far is Aqua Sana at Centre Parcs. It is fantastic!
  5. lublu

    i would class a spa as having at least a wet area eg steam, sauna, showers not necessarily a pool tho.
    I know there is no a new wave of luxury salons that call them selves day spa's that will have none of the above but offer more luxurious treatments alongside regulars such as waxing.
    This is very popular in america
    I would love to one day build my salon to this (not just fingers crossed but alot more wor yet)
    I think the name "spa" is far more diserable than salon but you need to back it up with something

  6. oey
    Thanks for your imput Lublu

    What do you class the the "more luxurious treatments" are to be classed as a "day spa"?

    There is one salon near me that calls itself a day spa, but the day to day treatments are very poor! Very low standards in my opinion.
  7. Scratchers
    To me a salon offers all treatments like waxing massage etc and a spa has sauna steam room jacuzzi so a wet side basically where clients can spend all day and have lunch etc.

    I am moving to a country club next week and renting space there and it will be classed as a spa, we will have the nails (creative) and beauty treatments (Ahava) but we also have a small gym, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and also hotel rooms.

    I can't wait!!!!
  8. littlepinkfairy
    I agree a spa is somewhere that has hot tub, sauna, pool etc. I used to work in a big spa and i have to say the standard there was terrible! The place I work at now I class as a salon but we do offer luxurious spa body treatments and we have a designated wet room with a shower so we advertise that we offer spa beauty, but we still call ourselves a salon. Does that make sense?!

  9. oey
    I like the sound of offering spa beauty treatments - what treatments do you do in the wet room?
  10. littlepinkfairy
    In the wet room we do treatments that the client would need to use the shower, like body scrubs and body wraps. If you click on the link to our website a list of our spa body treatments is on there.
  11. oey

    I like your website - very professional.
  12. lucy_locket
    i was also talking about this to a friend only the other week. i too would say a spa has all that you have listed too but as my friend had said she is about to do her creative spa mani & pedi course so because she will now be offering this could she use spa in her name now ? :confused: thought it was a good question glad i get to post it now.

    lucy x
  13. bombini
    Found this on british spas website,

    Spa Business Association

    Spa Business Association

    From a client point of view if I was given a spa day as a gift (which I have been given before) and turned up to find it was a actually a high street salon offering a 'Spa' treatments then I would annoyed.

    Picture the scene you arrive at your spa eg, champneys you spend the morning relaxing in the steam room, sauna, have a quick swim then off for a light lunch (healthy of course :)) afterwards you enjoy your treatments then round the day off with a yoga course.

    Now imagine that same spa day in a high street salon, apart from the lunch and treatments where are the spa facilities ???

    Another good link Spa Business Association is a description of what a day spa should have.
  14. littlepinkfairy
    I agree completely, IMO a "day spa" is somewhere you can chill for literally the whole day, not just for 2 hours, thats why it's called a "day" spa.

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