Difference between Bluesky Shellac and CND Shellac?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by StaceyLee, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. StaceyLee

    I have been looking t buy some new Shellac colours. I have come across Bluesky Shellac, does anybody know the differance between this and CND Shellac? :)
  2. gr8nailz
    There is only ONE TRUE Shellac and that is CND. Bluesky is a knockoff brand.
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  3. StaceyLee
    I thought the price was to good to be true.
  4. eskimonailtech
    That is kind of like asking the difference between a Louis Vuitton you see at LOUIS VUITTON, and a Louis Vuitton you see for sale on a street corner.

    The latter is a complete knock off, and actually breaking the law.
  5. StaceyLee
    I thought it must be, surely they cannot trade under the same name
  6. gr8nailz
    Get ready, Stacey Lee, you're going to see a lot of knock off "Shellac" products on the market. I had a client this weekend that was duped into buying what she thought was real Shellac. Problem was, her Shellac was spelled with a "K" at the end.
  7. StaceyLee
    Oh Gosh... Ill make sure that from now on I only look at CND Shellac.

    Thanks for your help :)
  8. Susie H
    Would you please pm Mr Geek (Sam) and let him know where you saw this?
    It really helps to get the fakes of the street when the suppliers of the real thing know as much info as possible :hug:
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  9. Julia Moran
  10. StaceyLee
    Julia thats fantastic thank you
  11. jelicalcat
    i bought one colour, the base coat and top coat of this not realising it was different from the proper CND, i tried it on myself and 3 other memebers of my family before trying it on my customer. we all have different uses, one has a horse, her's peeled of the 1st day, one is a "normal housewife" 2 peeled of the 2nd night and the rest lasted a week, mine, chipped, i am a trained nail tech and data processor, but worse of all, my mum had such a bad reacation to it that the skin on her fingers literally ripped and bleed within 2 days of application, so badly that i had to VERY CAREFULLY file them off as they are so swollen and sore i dearnt' but acetone anywhere near them. when i wanted to contact the company to tell them, the only address on the bottle is china! this obviously wont happen to everyone, it didnt happen to the rest of us, but it definately doesn't even last a week so i have ordered the proper CND which i will test on myself before my family and clients
  12. mini4mum
    FYI Bluesky is currently selling on EBay. It's a fake rip off & shouldbe reported.
  13. Up To Scratch
    It's so sad that you had to learn the hard way... This is why we should ALWAYS buy from authorised distributors and give the likes of Fleabay a WIDE berth for our professional products. :hugs:
  14. Mrs Geek
    I have some of this on my desk - it smells unbelievably gross and nothing like CND Shellac. Here's the rule of thumb.... are we ready???


    PS - you can GUARANTEE real CND Shellac if you are buying from your contracted authorized UK distributor - or any CND distributor in your given country!! Sweet Squared LLP are the authorized CND distributor partner in the UK. HTH's
  15. beauti-licious
    i had not heard of bluesky shellac until earlier today- i thought bluesky was a colour blue! lol.
  16. gjg1
    I don't want to sound like Im directing this towards anyone else but I would never buy from anywhere but my cnd distributor. I wouldnt trust anyone. I can't believe people are selling fakes! How and why do they get away with it?! It really angers me!

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  17. Metamorfosis
    How're they allowed to get away with it? I've seen this "Bluesky Shellac" on t'internet today - they use the same names (Cream Puff, Clearly Pink etc) as CND Shellac, and even use the little TM sign after the Shellac! How is it their trademark to use? Surely they are breaking the law and should be shut down?
  18. Rhiannon1408
    Omg I've just typed Shellac into eBay to see what you were all talking about and most of the result was this 'bluesky shellac' surely they are not allowed to use this name?!?
    Rhiannon x
  19. ezmeralda
    Hello, I'm very new here :) I just searched the forums and found this post as i was looking on ebay for nail products research and came across the "bluesky shellac." After reading this thread i clicked on the ebay "report listing" button and filed a report. Maybe we should all do this. They will still find a way to sell their products by changing the name but at least they might get prevented from selling under the Shellac name... x
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  20. Mrs Geek
    Well done you!!!!
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