disposal of Acetone!!!

Discussion in 'Nail' started by KattyB, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. KattyB
    Hi all....
    Me and hubby just been having a chat about acetone. When I worked in a salon we just used to chuck it down the sink however I now realise this did not do the plastic pipes any favours.. suprised if my old boss has any pipes left in her salon if she is still doing this!!

    Now I am opening my own business I am wondering were to chuck it? what does everyone else do?
  2. perfectbeauty
    I soak leftover up with couch roll or tissue and put in waste

  3. Cathie!
    I soak it up in couch roll, let it evaporate in a well ventillated area for a while and then put it in the bin.....I melted some sink pipes back along when I was renting by pouring neat acetone down the sink.:eek:....!!!!
  4. gembos
    were i worked we used to have a massive old empty acetone bottle and used to poure the used aceton throught a funnel into it and the toxic peaple used to come once a month to remove it.
  5. quiksilver_206
    I soak it up in cotton wool.
  6. KattyB
    yes.. I had thought easiest option was to soak up in couch role and put in the bin...common sense I suppose...I always seem to learn the hard way!!!!
  7. jojosnails
    the first salon i ever worked in used to chuck it down the sink. i even asked the boss if we should be soaking up and disposing of it in the bin and her response was "no it will be fine"!?!:eek: that was a few years ago and where i work now, it is actually a disiplinary offence to pour acetone down the sink! i soak it up with cotton wool and then dispose of the cotton wool in a lined metal bin.
  8. Peter Pan
    maybe common sense flower, but nothing wrong in getting other advice
    :hug:. when i first started i remember just putting my left overs down the sink too. so youre not on your own there flower. I'm sure alot of geeks have done the same too, without realising the implications
  9. KattyB
    i once put it in my manicure dish..obviously not thinking..it turned into a very unusual shape with a big hole in the base where it had melted through...leathel stuff, really does make me think what peoples sinks look like!!!
  10. oey
    In the first salon where I worked we were told it was OK to poor it down the sink - just told to turn the hot water on! :eek: How vulnerable we all were at one time hey.
  11. Peter Pan
    and i hope you kept the dish (after peeling it off the desk) as a reminder :lol:
  12. KattyB
    I think I could write a book..I can still see that dish and the horror on my face...even funnier I was once soaking some nails off at home and took the acetone into the kitchen...accidently spilt it down the front of my mums new hotpoint washing machine...result.....runs of meltd plastic..not funny since she had only had it a week. Had to spend a year covering the mark up with a tea towel from my dad...just shows how much washing he does since we got away with it for that long!!!!!
  13. melissaq
    I have a metal bucket filled with Kitty litter that I pour used acetone in......this way it gets soaked up .....and then evaporates .....when dry ....I smash it up and put it on my gravel walkway that leads to my door !
  14. jenny mosley

    I have a metal bin with a tight lid, i never use new couch roll to soak up accetone, i just tip it in the bin with all the day's couch roll rubbish etc..then wipe out dish with clean tissue

    this save on waste

  15. littlegrohl
    This is an amazing idea mate.. i have a long gravel drive that has a few pot holes in it.. i am once again stealing one of your fab ideas!! well done for thinking outside the box!:idea:
  16. foryouiwill

    Same here. I'm actually surprised that those guys don't come to you guys. Here where I live, if they show up (once a month) and you have no/little acetone, you're in trouble.:eek::cry:
  17. oey
    Where abouts in the world is where you live? I dont know who the toxic people are.
  18. nail pro pinkie
    I soak nails off a bit differently so don't have the need to "empty" it anywhere and also because I'm mobile i find this way much easier as people tend to not want to just sit soaking when they're in there own home so I:

    • Etch and thin the acrylic a bit.
    • Have a pump with acetone in it (like a nail polish remover pump) stops you from spilling etc.
    • Have a roll of hairdressers highlighting foil (it lasts ages). Tear 10 x 12cm approx strips (one for each finger).
    • Soak a cotton wool pad in acetone.
    • Place the soaked cotton wool pad on the acrylic.
    • Quickly wrap it in the foil.
    • Tell client to sit with hands and fingers slightly downwards otherwise the acetone trickles out of the wraps and down their hands.
    • Repeat this process for each finger.
    • Leave for around 30 minutes
    • Then take each one off one by one and the acrylic just slides away.
    • And you can manicure/tidy up one by one.
    I find this way
    • You don't use as much acetone,
    • Your client isn't inclined to lift them out to have a look how much is dissolving as every time you take them out it harden's again
    • It's great when you just need to soak 1 off while rebalancing the others as you can wrap it up first, then work on the others, then by time you've finished rebalancing the wrap will be ready to take off.
    And all your rubbish can be put in your pedal bin.
  19. oey
    This is a great method of removal and one that many of us geeks use cause it is great at getting the job done!
  20. nailzoo
    I soak off in glass bowls, then leave the left over acetone in the bowl in a well ventilated area (outside actually), it evaporates.
    The next day i have a crisp little skin I put in the bin.

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