Do I need an extractor fan for tanning?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by BBronzed, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. BBronzed
    I have only just started doing spray tanning, i have tanned approx 15 people so far and there seems to be so much over spray everytime i do a tan, I use a tent and have the maxi mist 5008. My skirting boards are getting covered in tan its not until i wash it off i noticed how much is on there and my dark carpet has started to discolour. I have noticed alot of you dont bother with extractor fans, just wondering if im doing something wrong??
  2. missymish
    Do you need to turn your gun down?

    Are you getting close enough to client? I practically spray inside the tent.

    How much solution are you using per tan?
  3. BBronzed
    I dont have it coming out too fast im only using between 50ml and no more than 75ml per client, is that ok do you think?
    I spray about 30 cm away??
    also barrier cream do you put it on front of hands or just palms??
  4. claire bear
    Iv got one for sale if you need one but it would need to be collected... I used it with my pop up spray tent but have a booth with extraction built in now so have no use for it x
  5. BBronzed
    thankyou but may be abit to far to travel, do you know where I could get one for a reasonable price? and are they any good?
  6. Ohmygorgeous
    I too am just starting out but I don't find I have a problem with overspray.
    I use between 35-50ml for a full body and I spray about 10-15 cms away and have my nozzle horizontal as I spray up and down. My dial is at about 8 o'clock.
    Maybe reset Ur gun and go a bit closer see how u get on
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  7. BBronzed
    when you say up and down do u keep spraying constantly, i got taught to spray legs and arms up and down but body and back side to side, and a big V and a small V on the chest. But everyone seems to just spray up vertical. How do u spray the chest and body?
  8. Ohmygorgeous
    I spray the chest as a v round the collar and the torso in 3-4 vertical strips.
    If you are spraying in 2 different directions but not adjusting your gun I would say this is the reason you are using lots and have lots of overspray
  9. BBronzed
    ok thankyou. Do u spray the torso spraying from top to bottom ? and how do u do legs? from top of leg to knee in 2 strips and then knee to feet in 2 strips? If you spray vertical am i right saying nozzle should be at 6/12 and if horizontal 3/9 , what about when you do V on collor? sorry to ask all these questions.
  10. Rhiannon1408
    Did I read that someone's nozzle is horizontal but they're spraying up and down? Which machine are you using? The nozzle should be vertical for up down spraying with a maximist 5008. Not sure if it's the same for others.

    30cm is too far away from the client which may well be the reason for your overspray. You need to be about a hands length distance from your client.

    As you are new to tanning 50-75ml isn't too bad but in time you should be aiming for about 30-40ml obviously depending on clients body size.

    I hope that helps!
    Rhiannon x
  11. Ohmygorgeous
    Lol I'm reading this going Ooooh why would you have nozzle horizontal if Ur spraying up and down n it was me who wrote it

    Very blonde moment I defo have it vertical
  12. always00smiling

    I do 2-4 tans a week and have the same machine as you, spraying vertically and use 50ml-75ml per person. I bought an extractor fan with a washable filter which has made a difference but I wouldn't say completely gets rid of all overspray. I don't find it noticeable after each tan but overtime was finding the odd bit of overspray on the lights, windowsills etc.

    The extractor was worth the money and the air in the room definitely feels nicer when I am spraying.

    Also using a solution with a lighter guide colour has helped me. Hope that helps.
  13. missymish
    That's I way too far away I get my clients to stand about 3/4 of the way in and then I have my gun quite low and say I get about a hands width away.

    There is a video on nouvatan Facebook page which is great to watch I am a confident tanner but watched it an adjusted my technique slightly and I have minimal overspray and even double spraying someone I am using 75ml max it is a great video watch how close dawn gets without it being too obvious!

    There will always be some overspray but you can minimise it drastically.
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  14. BBronzed
    Thankyou all very much you have all been very helpful, like your all saying I will tray spraying alot closer, i think by the sounds of it that could be my main problem as I do have my gun set low. I will watch the video too on nouvatan facebook page.

    Thanks so much guys
    I love this site soooo helpful :)
  15. BBronzed
    missymish.... there seems to be a few pages called nouvatan?? im not sure which one you mean ?
  16. missymish
    Maybe look on their website and there may be a link to the Facebook page and then I think you look at the picture page and then there is a tab for videos. Sorry facebook is completely alien to me lol
  17. steve@nouvatan
    her you go click the hyper link to see the video.
    20 May 2011 15:31 | Facebook
  18. missymish
    Was hoping you would reply I haven't got a clue!
  19. hellielou
    That video on FB cheered me up no end!

    Just one question on the pop up tents, a lot of people have said the tents catch the overspray but does it not come out of the open bit at the front? Confused :confused:

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