Do you use a barrier cream prior to spray tanning?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by nenee, May 30, 2011.

  1. nenee
    Hi there

    Iv noticed a few Therapists are using barrier cream on the knees, elbows etc prior to spray tanning clients.

    When I'm doing research I came across a website where the therapist said "that if a barrier cream is used it's due to lack of technique or poor quality tanning solutions, and that a experienced therapist with a good tanning solution shouldn't need to use a barrier cream" is this right?
    I would presume it's a good prevention method using a barrier cream, especially if some clients have extremely dry knees etc even with the highest technique used, or am I wrong here?

    Iv not done any training yet I'm just reading up on past threads etc and trying to find as much information I can.

    Also do you provide hair nets and sticky back feet for the soles of clients feet? I have bleached hair and would hate tan sprayed onto it.:rolleyes:

    Many thanks
  2. Nicki100322
    Hi there, I do supply hairnets for blonde haired clients but don't use them for clients with darker hair, I use both black towels and sticky feet depending on how many clients I'm doing in 1 night :) the barrier cream I find is a choice depending on the solution....personally I only put barrier cream on the palms of the hands but because of the positions I put my clients into there is never any solution going onto the palms anyway but it's just to b extra sure! Being honest I have had no problems with the solution clinging to very dry skin as I use Vani-T and it's packed full of moisturiser so doesn't really cling at all to the dry spots but that's just what I find personally lol I think barrier cream does come down to the solution and ur technique unless the clients skin was extreamly dry!!! :) hth xx
  3. milliondollars
    I use barrier cream (or e45 or similar) on palms/wrists, nails, elbows, knees, heels/backs of ankles. Some people say you don't need it, others swear by it. It doesn't really matter how you feel about it as long as you are comfortable with what you are doing! I could probably do a tab without it but the cost of barrier cream to me is negligible and 'just in case' you have a client where it does cling to one of these areas and they will end up with tell tale tan marks. For next to no money it will give you peace of mind.
    Re hair net, I only use these if clients have bleached hair as in platinum bleach, otherwise I don't really bother and have never had any probs. Again with sticky feet, these are more for hygiene as they will be standing on a towel in the tent, as well as stopping any excess/old tan on the floor getting on their feet.
    Everyone will have different opinions and you will pick up all this info when u train
    Good luck
  4. nenee
    That's great thank you
    I'm looking to use vani-t tanning solution due to no parabins etc and because it's moisturising too I'm having a trial on Sunday can't wait!

    Can I ask what machine you are using I'm looking at the maximise 508 and the hvlp700.
  5. cazjp69
    I dont use barrier creams and very rarely use sticky feet. I have a nice thick black towel and I do use hairnets on all to keep hair out of the way lol.
  6. NikiB
    Sorry Nenee im just jumping on your thread, i am also just starting out with tanning and am looking into barrier creams ect and would like to know where you tanning geeks best recommend to buy from? wholesalers or the web, ive been looking on the internet and the P&P on some items is horrendous xx Thanks x
  7. Moonbladez
    I dont use a brand barrier cream, I just use Aqueous Cream you can get from your pharmacist or something for a couple of quid. I apply to elbows, hands, knees and ankles and didnt seem to have any problems as yet.
  8. auzz12

    I use barrier cream i use vaseline moisture locking cream and it works fab :p i get it from asda and it cost me £3.00 but going to start using body butter

    Austin x
  9. Nicki100322
    U will love it :) it's a gorgeous solution and the wear off is fab! All my clients keep coming bk for more lol there are loads of solutions available and some r very good so it down to personal choice but I have loved Vani-T since I started and would never change :)) my cousin is also a Vani-T trainer so depending on ur location if u want any info u can pm on here and I will give u her details :) I use the maximist plus hvlp 5008 and it's brilliant!! :) xxx
  10. milliondollars
    Yes any Vaseline cream or palmers cocoa butter or aqueous cream is fine. Aqueous cream is very rare to be allergic to as well. I have a bottle of Sienna barrier cream that I bought aaaages ago so it lasts forever but any shop bought stuff works just as well xx
  11. Mrs RSM
    That is most certainly not true and rather insulting really. I use barrier cream and I find that used on those dry areas it makes the world of difference. I use Sienna X barrier cream (though any would suffice) and wouldn't spray without it.
  12. nenee
    Thanks for all the fab info everyone.

    I gather and thick cream can be used for a barrier cream but the plainer the better. Do u leave it on after you have finished? I know u can get a huge tub if aqueous cream from boots for a couple if quid which is used for eczema so that should be a good one

    Have any if you who use a barrier cream normally tried without and if so did you get patches etc?

    Do any of you exfoliate your clients then get them too shower prior to spraying them or do you take their word for it they have dobe all the prep? I'd be worried my tan will come out patchy cause they lied about the exfoliation etc cause they couldn't be bothered. I had a manual fake bake once and they exfoliated me first then did the tan. Any thoughts on this?

  13. nenee
    Hi ya

    That's why I'm asking this question because I would gather it's a good idea like I mentioned under the Therapists quote. I think she was trying to make other Therapists look bad because she didn't use a barrier cream and yet I have heard lots of therapist doing so. And I can see the need for a barrier cream cause I have the driest hands and I once had a St tropez spray tan and I had orange hands for weeks and sure if I had a barrier cream on that would not if been the case.

    I'm sure there are different thoughts on this and some will say they use this method and others don't. I just wanted peoples reasons before I train so if it is used I know it's a good thing and why it's used
  14. Lisap
    I think personally it makes a big difference ive been tanned previous to learning spray tanning and i had a set line at the fingers area such a tell tale sign of a fake tan lol she put vaseline on my nail beds only.
    I was trained to mask the palms,inbetween the fingers and across the knuckle area it makes such a difference u dont get that fake tan line betwwen the fingers!! And obviously any other dry area's.
    I wouldnt say if u use a barrier its because u have poor technique plainly because you want the best results for your clients xx
  15. nenee
    That's what I thought even though I'm not trained yet lol
    When I do a manual St tropez tan on myself at home I put cream on my knees etc first

    Thanks for your advice

  16. hopperty
    Hi Ive been struggling for weeks with patchy hands and feet! I did Tantruth training and was only shown to put barrier on palms and soles of feet...we were shown to use tantruth smoothing on dry area's...If I use barrier cream wont that stop the tan developing? i'm reeeaaaaly confused now:cry::?:
  17. Lisap
    When u doing your training? xx
  18. nenee
    I'm having a vani-t spray tan trial this Sunday at my house and il be discussing training with the therapist as she does the training too. Do just want to make sure I'm 100 % happy with the tan first then I can't wait to do the training.

    I have no idea who to buy my maximise kit off though. I want great after sales and warranty any ideas?
  19. lwoody
    I only use barrier cream if client had nail extensions on! Use hair net and sticky feet on all clients.
  20. milliondollars
    I can't quote all your different questions but I'll try and answer them!!

    LA tan are currently doing a good offer on kits with machine and tan and tent. I believe nouvatan also do a similar offer. Both have glowing reports and fab customer service.

    Yes aqueous cream is fine, it doesn't stop the tab absorbing totally but makes the fade better ie at wrists, over knuckles and knees etc. Apply a thing layer and lightly rub in don't leave a big blob on or you will get White marks.
    Can't remember if I put this in first post but I put it on palms, fingers -from knuckle to nail, wrist and slightly up forearm, elbows, eyebrows if pale, knees, backs of ankles/heels and as I rub in I rub it down foot and toes.
    As I said it doesn't stop tan absorbing ( if your layer is not too thick) it's just a lighter layer.

    To the poster who had patchy tan hands;
    how do you tan your hands? In the claw position? You will get a tan on them anyway from overspray so I do a v light spray from a way away in a circular motion over them in a claw position, literally press the trigger 1 second. When you are tanning rest of body in all positions I have them with their hands at right angle to wrists ie palms flat/parralel to floor. That way they will get over spray on back of hands without you tanning them direct.

    Re post on exfoliator;
    Sienna I know do an exfoliating spritz which you can spray on and wipe off before tanning which exfoliates the skin if they havent done so. To be honest I don't use it, I always tell my clients the pre care advice and they 'should' stick to it! If they dont and their tan doesn't last it's their money. The way I look at it, people who can't be bothered to exfoliate before are not going to pay you extra to do their exfoliation for them...
    I read that you could make your own exfoliating spray out of lemon juice and something but haven't tried it myself!! Xx

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