Does anyone have an income/expense spreadsheet?

Discussion in 'Business' started by waxprincess, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. waxprincess
    I am looking for a good spreadsheet for income stuff. I am a booth renter and I have got to keep better records!!
  2. Tiptotip
    If you have Excel then it's pretty easy to set one up. Depends if you know how to use a spreadsheet though? x
  3. waxprincess
    I do hve Excel and I can do a pretty ok job but I also have 5 month old twins! So I don't really have time to mess with the computer too often.
  4. JDs
    So you are looking for a Paper spreadsheet? Seems that it is just as quick with a computer as paper if not quicker.

    If it is paper you are looking for, you can print off blank spreadsheets from Excel and then write everything in.
    Or are you looking for a itemized spreadsheet? Something that already has your expense catagories and income catatgories writeen in?

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