Does anyone rent laser lipo machines?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Victoria1984, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Victoria1984
    I am looking into adding a laser lipo machine, however I would need to rent or hire one - at least to start off with. Are there any companies in the UK that rent them?
  2. MrsHBeauty
    Id be interested in the answers to this x
  3. julesgems

    I think Chromogenix do a 3 or 4 year buy scheme where you eventually own the machine.
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  4. Victoria1984
    I've got a contact at Chromogenex, I will contact them. I've been reading about ultrasound tech. for slimming and now am a bit torn. I think I will try some different treatments out (it will help with getting into the wedding dress!)
  5. regan80
    You can buy one on ebay for £**. Trouble is the instructions are hard to understand. It is a smaller version of the ones they use in salons
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  6. Hiltonbeauty
    I've seen some meridian laser lips on eBay for about £** but I find you can offer people half the price on laser machines as the customer base for these is pretty small. And always go for private sellers maybe closed down clinic or something.
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  7. Aesthetic queen
    Hi there the company I bought my machine off do a limited try before you buy scheme .I have the lipofirm plus but I chose the finance option on mine it costs me £** a week over 3 years .but it had paid for itself in ten weeks .the machine has ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency skin tightening
    Can I just point out you must see the medical certification ,and clinical study data when buying a cavitation or lyplolsis machine evlasers been around for thirty years producing this technology and the distributor here took me to the factory in Italy with a selection of it's uk clients and I saw first hand the research facility did training with Italian dermatologist etc I'm now buying a yag laser from them .Slim Medica - The Credible Alternative to Liposuction
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  8. webuyer
    We are a company based in the U.K and we trade in both new and used aesthetic/cosmetic machines.
    We deal in all inventory including chromogenex, strawberry, candela, Alma and many more besides.
    We sell and lease out equipment.
    Should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to call on either (01952) 242828 or 07971 543427 or email

    Kindest Regards

    Dale Oliver
    Webuyer Ltd

  9. lauzenge82

    Noticed this is an old post so you all may have heard about the lipo machines.

    We have been using Ultrasound Cavitation Liposuction since earlier this year and it has really taken off as we've seen some really good results. Obviously clients need to have a realistic expectation as will take about 4 results to notice a real difference although you can see it working on the first session.

    What I would say, is that we decided against the laser lipo because of the risk of burns to the client, the machine we use does not have a laser.

    Please feel free to message me if you would like any more information


  10. Aesthetic queen
    The company who distribute lipofirm plus do a limited try before you buy option I was offered this but opted for lease purchase instead straight off .I'm unsure of the terms and conditions of there try before you buy scheme you'd have to contact them or someone on here may have an idea
    My machine earned it's purchase price including the vat in around 11 weeks
    I believe this is because the lipofirm plus is a multi platform with cavitation and radio frequency skin tightening for body and face so has multiple revenue streams
  11. noninvasivelipo
    I rent out Ultrasound lipo machines and also provide training for the owner and thier staff if your interested mesage me or email me at
    by the way its only £xxx per month minimum 6 month agreement.
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  12. i-Lipo
    I don't know what laser device you were using but low level laser therapy doesn't burn, in fact it's probably the most comfortable treatment comparing to fat freezing and cavitation.

  13. i-Lipo
    Chromogenex's i-Lipo is FDA cleared, this means it has undergone stringent testing and says exactly what it does, fat and circumferential reduction, it's clinically proven. It's manufactured here in the UK, unlike the numerous cheaper imports we see these days supplied by small distributors with little service and support, just great promises. Buy or rent direct from the manufacturer to ensure you have long term support with a reputable company.
    You are also welcome to visit our factory anytime. Chromogenex - Laser Acne, Hair Removal and Fat Reduction Treatments
  14. TraineeLevel3
    hi, i-lipo am wondering how much is the i-lipo machine is? also how much it is to rent, if that is a possible option.
    many thanks

  15. Topsi
    Please don't go buying cheap machines from China with all the instructions in Chinese. Be responsible! Use a recognised company like Chromogenix who can teach you properly and be there for back up and support.
    We are trying to raise standards in the industry yes???!!!!????

    A saw a client a couple of weeks back who was having tattoo removal by a company who were using a chinese machine. She was laughing because of how painful the procedure was. The operator couldn't read the instructions because they were not in English and said that he just put the machine on the highest setting for all treatments.

    As someone who carries out tattoo removal and has seen side effects from this treatment including infection and scarring please take these machines and treatments seriously!!
  16. rprior
    Hello, what lipo machines do you rent out and for what price? I am interested but would only be looking at a 6month rental until i knew it was going to be popular within my salon. Thankyou

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  17. noninvasivelipo
    Hi I rent ultrasound cavitation machines for £xxx per month
    With a minimum 6 month deal. Full training is included for upto 6 people
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  18. beautiespot

    We do laser lipo machine rental in South Yorkshire and surrounding areas at very competitive rates.

    I am unsure if anyone does this further a field from Yorkshire, but there are a number of companies who do a lease to own offer.

    Just look on Google!

  19. naturalnails
    Please be mindful of the site rules - if your post is for one person then send it by PM. Asking specific sales details should be done by PM.
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