Double tint

Discussion in 'Hair' started by lancashirelass, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. lancashirelass
    Has anyone ever heard of double tint method
  2. persianista
    As in?

    I've heard of adding neat hi lift to the mixed hi lift once on the hair, to add ammonia. Is that what your talking about?
  3. SteffiMc
    I've never heard of either! Persianista sorry to quiz but what difference does that make to the outcome?? TIA x
  4. persianista
    Lifts it slightly lighter
  5. SteffiMc
    Ah thank you! Good to know :)
  6. si_82
    How was the phrase mentioned i know people use the expression and it either means a double base tint like for instannce Koleston 55/00 which means it offers more coverage for grey hair so people sometimes call these double bases they also come in handy if u havent got time to pre pig or are doing lowlights as double base shades will literally cover anything most brands have a variation of this color. The other way i have known this term is when you take virgin hair to a blonde using hi-lift tint. As we all know hilifts only work on the roots and you dont get as much lift through the mid lenghts and ends so you can lift the mid lenghts and ends with a blonde booster witch is literally a tube of pure ammonia with no tone. You then re-colour the whole head with the hi lift color of your choice.
  7. adamlea87
    OP can you explain elaborate?
    Maybe this is a forced oxidation/ pigment packing technique.

    e.g. if you normally would mix 50ml colour + 50ml 20 volume instead you would mix 50ml colour + 25ml 40 volume.

    The working 'on the head' volume of the peroxide is diluted down to 10 volume in both cases but since peroxide is stored at an acidic pH and the second mixture contains less peroxide the final mixture is more alkaline, which will swell the cuticle more, which could be favourable if you are working on resistant hair.
  8. Jaksnip
    Really????? So your normal tint/peroxide, then just tint put on after?!? Can lift more?
  9. Mrsmack
    Are you talking about base bumping?
  10. adamlea87
    It could evan be a double process tint\ pre lifting with a level 10 colour.
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  11. krisko
    What is "pre lifting with a level 10 colour"? I have never heard of it...
  12. Xxlindsaymxx
    I have heard of removing bands with a 10/ and then reapplying but dont know if this is the same thing :/
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  13. adamlea87
    It is when you need more lift than you can achieve with a single process, or if the client wants to lift her hair more than two levels but also wants to cover white hair.

    You apply 10 + 20/30 vol as a virgin application, lift the hair one level below the desired shade (e.g. level 5-orange/red undertone). Rinse, dry, and apply your target shade with 20 vol to achieve one more level of lift and complete coverage.
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  14. krisko
    Sounds interesting. :) Should be natural 10? And 20 or 30vol?
  15. adamlea87
    Yep natural 10 + 20 or 30 vol.
  16. krisko
    20 or 30?:rolleyes:
  17. adamlea87
    LOL It depends how much you want to lift the hair, it is like pre-lightening with colour.

    20 vol should be enough for 1-2 levels of lift, any more and I would use 30 vol, but you remove the product once you have enough lift so it might not need the full development time.
  18. lcarroll30
    How would this work though as tint doesn't lift tint?? X
  19. adamlea87
    Because there is so little pigment in a level 10, although maybe it will work better with some lines than others.
  20. Xxlindsaymxx
    Tint doesn't lift tint but the exception is 10/0 or 12/0 with wella anyway.

    With this colour technique would you wash off the 10/ dry and then apply colour. Is it just a different lightning technique?

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