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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Cutey Beauty, May 28, 2013.

  1. Cutey Beauty
    Hi Girls,

    is anyone retailing DreamWeave Mascara in their salons/beauty rooms?

    I have been testing this mascara myself for a week and I am totally hooked! I have been in touch with Dreamweave to ask about becoming a stockist and I am waiting for them to get in touch with me - apparently they check the area to see if anyone else is selling it - i have googled and cannot find anyone near me who is selling it!

    Can anyone give me details on what the wholesale package price is if they are selling it - please pm me if you wish!

    I am just interested to hear what the start up package is cost wise as they have not given me any details! As I am a one-man-band I have to stick to a budget :lol:

    Thanks for reading xx
  2. Idol Eyes
    Hi, I retail DreamWeave at my salon and it's very popular. The guys at DreamWeave will need to check there is no one within a 5 mile radius of your salon before they will agree to sell to you. They're very good and I'm sure they'll be back to you shortly with pricing but minimum order is 24 mascaras HTH
  3. elliebee
    The 5 mile radius is a false promise.

    There was a big ad campaign a while back "secure your 5 mile radius now" etc etc.

    I decided to stock it and got in touch ith the company when I found a salon about 1/4 of a mile from me was also stocking it.

    I was promised that someone would look in to it and get back to me but they never did.

    As a small business, I am very choosy about who I spend my hard earned cash with. I felt that I was not valued as a customer so decided to stop stocking their product.
  4. Zooks
    EllieBee you may find that this was down to Nouvatan. I bought it through Nouvatan and after it was withdrawn from them I contacted Wrinle Regime to re-stock and they informed me that Nouvatan carried out no checks which is why they withdrew the product from Nouvatan. That was their reason as I know a few other people had complained. They thoroughly checked for me about the radius situation and I am buying in 12 of each. I found when I advertised it well it flew, It does really sell itself though you have to a do a bit of a push on the marketing but it does still sell :)
  5. laurenbeautyroo
    We ordered 24 last week and sold them all in 2 days. Just do a before and after pic on yourself and promote it x
  6. adventuregirl
    I was offered it last week even though there is a salon 3.5 miles from me selling it. Their words xx

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  7. Lolly22
    I know it won't be down to nouvatan as they werent allowed to send to Scotland so ellieber would have had to get it direct.

    This also is a different story I heard from nouvatan as to why they stopped stocking it.

    They never asked me anything about where I was located and done no checks when I became a stockist either. And i went straught to wrinkle regime too. I have stopped stocking it for the same reasons as elliebee really. :)
  8. Lady
    I've just become a stockist this week, started to advertise it to my clients last night and sold 6 today.
    I get mine via the distributor for the south Jimakeup.co.uk. They did check the 5 mile radius for me as I was quite specific in what I wanted, and I also checked on the salon locator, so I'm happy so far.

    They have 5 online retailers only for the uk........not sure how true that is but hey, you can't control everything as much as you try.

    You never know what goes on between stockists and distributors unless you are either party.......at the moment this product fits my clientele and my business approach, but these evolve and so in the future it may not be the best fit, but right now it's good for me and I've had great customer service so far xxx
  9. Rosy cheeks
    I became a stockist this week, sold 11 yesterday through Facebook and there is no one within 5 mile radius from me that stock it so i'm very happy so far.

    The mascara is amazing, best I've ever used so i'm sure it'll keep selling well and have got lots of my friends wearing and plugging it too!
  10. Doll86
    Who would be the distributer for the northwest?? I'm in cheshire. I want this in my salon sounds amazing :)
  11. MrsHBeauty
    I have bought 24 mascara on 2 separate occasions and sold out within a couple of weeks.

    I sell them for £14.95 or 2 for £25. The trade price gives a great mark up.

    I need to order another 24!
  12. StephR
    Oh has the rrp gone up then for the new one? Old one was £12 and that flew off the shelves. I've still got 4 of the older one left which I want gone before I order more in. Xx
  13. Lady
    The unit cost has gone up from £x to £x and the retail cost advised is £14:00 x

    Distributor for the north is wrinkleregime x
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  14. cloughers
    I bought 145 at the end of March and have less than 40 left. I've only advertised on fb and don't have a salon. The stuff is so good it sells itself. X
  15. ShellacMad
    I received my 1st order yesterday, already sold 4 & have another 6 clients wanting them at their next appointment. I mist admit I was a bit sceptical but its brilliant! [​IMG]
  16. moomoo
    Well my experience of wrinkle regime has been a joke. I filled out their online form on their website, asked would i like to be contacted by telephone, email or mobile- I ticked email. I then got a message left at my salon by Steve saying that said they dont do email only speak to people on the telephone and that thay dont supply other salons wihtin a 3-5 mile radius-was told my nearest was 4.8 miles.

    Was going to ring them back the following day when a woman rang and asked for me, saying I was interested in becoming a stockist. I couldnt get a word in, she was very loud and aggressive, she said my nearest salon was 2.9 miles away but they wouldnt hold me back as it was just under the 3 mile radius-totally different to what id been told the day before.

    She then asked which mascara I would like to stock, I said I had no idea as I didnt know much about the product and filled in the form so I could get more information. She then asked if I had tried it, when I told her no, she very patronisningly said well you cant sell a product you have not tried and got really arsey. I said I know I never do, this is why Ive contacted you. I then asked do they have some form of samples/trial kits etc( I know some companies send samples out for free and others just charge a nominal amount for their trial kits) she then got very defensive and nasty and started laughing saying we dont need to send out samples, ive got over 18,000 and another 9,000 coming next week all whilst huffing,tutting and being very sarcastic.

    She then told me to go out and buy one and then hung up! I never received any info on the product, prices-trade/retail, where I could get hold of it etc.

    Ive been in the business nearly 30years and yes have come across some arseholes-but this company just came across unprofessional and obnoxious and as though they were doing me a favour.

    Sorry for the long rant everyone but just wondered if anyone else had such an experience. I had 12 other salon owners with me at the time and as she was on speaker phone they all heard it-none of them could believe their ears
  17. Holliex
    Could someone post a link for me to purchase one of these? X

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