Electrolysis machine advice please

Discussion in 'Skin' started by vgml, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. vgml
    I would like to buy electrolysis machine, but not sure which one.
    I've checked beauty express website. They have sterex sxb blend machine, is it any good? What about skinmate elite blend?
  2. sam@tonic
    Hi there,
    I have used the sterex machine for years and have found it to be very easy and safe to use. I also do advanced electrolysis with the same machine and have never had any problems. If you can, try the probex needle holder and needles. They are so much easier and quicker with no chuck cap to sterilise
  3. Ruth Mills
    From a client's point of view, it has to be APILUS all the way for me! The Apilus machines use advanced computer-controlled technology to deliver very precise short pulses of diathermy - thus minimising pain, discomfort and "collateral damage", whilst targeting the root of the hair as accurately as possible.

    Whereas electrolysis on the top lip close to the nose used to be torture with a bog standard electrolysis machine (and the main reason I continued having electrolysis in that area was that my electrologist back then said that if I didn't, then I'd end up looking like an infamous German dictator from the Second World War), when she switched to an Apilus machine, having my top lip "zapped" was just *so* much more comfortable - no longer a session of torture to be dreaded - but something that I was quite happy to tolerate.

    So if you're serious about offering the most effective and comfortable electrolysis treatments available - particularly if you are thinking of treating transgender and transsexual clients who often have thick beard hairs that need extra "oomph" to nuke them - then I'd seriously consider checking out the Apilus range - even though they may well cost more initially, this should hopefully pay for itself in terms of client retention (clients will want to come back to *you* as opposed to rival electrologists if you can offer more effective treatments with less pain, discomfort and swelling) - and also in terms of clients being a lot more likely to recommend you to their friends.

    Definitely consider offering services to transgender clients too - many will require hundreds of hours of electrolysis to clear stubborn beard hair - so if you get a good reputation among the transgender community, you could end up with an excellent source of very loyal electrolysis clients.
  4. vgml
    I've head about Apilus, I wish I could afford it...
    To treat transgender clients, would this require to advertise my services for these group of clients?
    Thanks for advice guys.
  5. Ruth Mills
    I think that Apilus do "entry level" machines as well as the more complex ones - so maybe it's worth checking out the price on those? While they won't be as good as the more expensive ones, they'll probably still be quite a step up from a bog standard electrolysis machine.

    As far as transgender clients go... yes - probably worth advertising that you offer electrolysis services to transgender and transsexual clients - maybe do a Google to find transgender support groups in the London area and ask them if you could advertise to their members?
  6. vgml
    Thanks Ruth, I'll definitely check it.
  7. Stephanie31
    I've been doing electrolysis for 4 years now and my carlton machine has never done me wrong. Priced at about £350 is if memory serves me well (dont forget delivery and VAT). I find this machine faultless. Its built in to a carry case and it very light weight comes with needles (although i prefer ballet gold myself) needle holder and tweezers. As a company they were fantastic when my needle holder broke i purchased a new one and sent the broken one back to be fixed free of charge. When the new one came i loaded a needle into it and the chuck broke i got onton them straight away and was sent a new one free of charge they cancelled my original payment and sent two spare chucks along with my fixed holder. The process was done in under a week a new one sent within days and the old one and parts days later.:Grope: Would recommend looking into Carlton
  8. little voyce
    When I trained, a longish time ago, we worked on a range of machines from Sterex, Bretheron, Silhouette, Carlton, Rita Roberts etc so really got to know how they differed in comfort and delivery of current. But my best investment has been an Apilus machine. They really are the creme de la creme in the electrolysis world. Mine's not quite the 'baby' and I don't need one that retains information for a team of therapists, but I still coughed up well over a grand for it. However, is the smoothest, most pain free device I've ever used and has earned its keep regularly.
  9. Lynne Baker
    Apilus, every time, and house of famuir do payment schemes which helps enormously.
  10. Ruth Mills
    Couldn't agree more there! I guess, really, it all depends on how seriously one wishes to offer electrolysis as a treatment... i.e. if it's going to be a "core" treatment that occupies a significant amount of your time in the salon, or if it's going to be a "peripheral" treatment that you only offer occasionally.

    OK... if it were me, I'd go for the Apilus without a doubt... even if it meant saving up a bit longer or maxing out a credit card in order to pay for it. If I were an electrologist, I'd much rather pay a bit more for something that I knew would give my clients a much more comfortable treatment, where they would leave the salon with a lot less inflammation - rather than subject them to unnecessary torture and have them leaving the salon with red marks on their face - for the sake of saving a few hundred quid up front! Remember that you'll get years of use out of an electrolysis machine - and it can be a very profitable treatment... you can definitely charge a premium for offering Apilus electrolysis too, owing to its glowing reputation in the industry...
  11. shellnorris
    Hi guys what sort of prices do you charge for elec? Xx
  12. jojobeauty
    Could some pm me cost for one of these machines? Also do they provide equipment training?
  13. essentia
    Contact House of Famuir regarding Apilus - they will show you around the machine but it is your skill and knowledge that will determine how best to use it. The trouble with other machines and I have tried neally all since the 80's is that they are not computerised. This is what gives the Apilus the edge and the research into electronic and galvanic modes to enhance the hair removal process. It is worth the money. I do treat male beards and it does make a difference. I have cleared a neckline very quickly that has stayed clear for months prior to a client having surgery there - the difference is truly better.:hug:
  14. vgml
    Does anybody know if Apilus Cleo is worth investing ? It's still expensive but cheaper than senior ll.
  15. Ruth Mills
    I would place a fair bet on it being a lot better than a bog standard electrolysis machine not made by Apilus. Maybe one of the Apilus geeks would be able to advise if it would be worth considering as opposed to one of their more expensive models though?
  16. little voyce
    Oh Yes indeedy! I have the Cleo Flash - it's the Cleo with an update. I'm able to offer thermolysis, blend, flash and coagulation module for red vein removal.

    It's pre-programmed to a degree, but gives you the ability to override where necessary, so is very adaptable. Some of the more 'senior' models have even further specialised functions but some of those are geared to use by several different operators who can keep client profiles electronically and also give print outs of the treatments that has been given. Those were functions I didn't need.
    House of FAmuir are the distributors for Apilus in the UK, but the manufacturer is Dectro International, based in Canada. I have had great service from them too, and because of my faith in the Apilus, chose to buy my non-surgical machine by Dectro too (er, and a Vitalux Light Therapy machine.....kind of like a matching suite...)
  17. Ruth Mills
    In which case - yes - the Cleo is definitely worth looking at. If you can afford it, you'll be pleasantly surprised how much better it performs than a "bog standard" machine - and your clients will love you for it!!!
  18. vgml
    Fantastic news! Thanks everyone for advice )

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