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Discussion in 'Nail' started by elmo, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. elmo
    Last week I broke 2 nails so tipped them before applying gelish. I did 2 coats of TIO for a bit of added strength and now 7 days later they are firmly in place!!
    Just thought I'd share as I know some people have asked previously whether you can use gelish to do an extension :)
  2. geeg

    I do the same For myself with Shellac and get good results if ... The nail is kept short while growing out .. I have had a short tip last the full 3 weeks and when I remove ... New nail!

    The thing to remember is, you have not extended using gelis you have extended using the tip. The tip has added the strength. Also YOU are not every client .. You are you and you have probably looked after your tipped nails. Not every client will do that so ....

    I would not recommend to all that extending with a tip is a great thing to do across the board, even if it works for you and for me with Shellac. It will not work for everyone and the length you choose is very important as well as how careful the client intends to be.
  3. elmo
    Yes they are both only short tips, I dont think they would last I they were any longer!
    That's what I'm hoping geeg, that in 2 weeks when I come to regelish my nail will be ready underneath :)
  4. murraylog1971
    Elmo , can you keep us updated as a matter of interest how long the tip lasts please x
  5. Sharny
    Hi, did you just glue the tip on and then apply gelish as usual over the tip? no other gel on top of the tip? x
  6. elmo
    Glued the tip on, then foundation, dry brushed, simple sheer x2, then top it off x2
    Will keep you updated :) x
  7. Sharny
    Thanks for that, It may come in very handy!:) x
  8. dizzypanda
    i extend mine too. except i use structure gel. works fab!
  9. Sharny
    Hi, Do you use the structure gel after the foundation and then just Gelish as usual? x
  10. moushax37
    What is dry brushing?

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  11. Sooz7
    Is it really as simple as that? Tip application followed by the regular gelish application! If that's correct you may have cured my extension tension lol!!:p
  12. elmo
    Day 12: one tip has broken as I was doing my little ones seat belt up! Not bad going :)
  13. moushax37
    Can you post a pic of the extensions

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  14. elmo
    It was only on 2 of my nails, will try an find a pic x
  15. Pooh8bear

    I have done small extensions with 2 coats of Structure which has worked very well.

    Foundation, 2x Structure, colour then TIO
  16. dizzypanda
    yup! i make mine a bit thicker though since i have thin nails i tend to accidentally hurt myself and other people. my nails are sharp! haha so i like to make mine with 2 or 3 layers of sculpture gel
  17. Pooh8bear
    I have started using Sculpture in my French too as they always seem a bit weaker than full colour.
  18. Caversham
    Thanks for posting this, i found it interesting to read and will now be trying myself :) would be interested if you had an pictures. thanks :) x
  19. Sharny

    Thank you will give it a go in the future x

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