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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Patricia Bearcroft, Dec 6, 2017 at 11:02 AM.

  1. Patricia Bearcroft
    Hiya all, so I have never had this before, I have done this clients eyelashes x2 times now and both times it didn't take??!!

    When I done my clients eyelash tint it looked fine nice and dark even to my client it was nice... then later on/next day it just washes off?? I messaged and said
    Awww glad it was wicked and she was all good and you had fun!! :) xx

    ****That's funny as they looked darker to me straight after doing them, with tinting the tint makes the hairs darker (everyone's eyelashes naturally get lighter at the ends) which gives them a more defind look, unfortunately it dosnt give the appearance of thicker lashes as it only dyes them and dosnt coat them like mascara *****

    This was the message after...

    ****No it doesn't look like I've got mascara on, no one even noticed, well Steve thought I had put mascara on the Wednesday but then said didn't you like it because he thought I had washed it off. Never mind it's just one of those things I told you I've got funny skin lol. I might need a hair cut just before Christmas or if not early January. Take care hun have a good evening speak soon xx*****

    She is allergic to most hairdye (I DONE A ALLERGY TEST BEFORE HAND JUST TO MAKE SURE!!) They make her blister on her head neck and ears and also alot of them don't take to her hair either ... she is on alot of medication due to disabilities that have occoured later on in life...

    Have any of you noticed any certain medication making her not take to colour??

    She has said not to worry about it but I would really like to make her feel special and get colour taking for her again :) wether it I'd a different brand or a different technique?

    Any tips and advice taken on gladly :)
  2. Minkeybox
    What tint is it you are using? I would have thought having a previous allergic reaction to any dye/tint would have been a contraindication for lash/brow tinting? Xx
  3. Patricia Bearcroft
    I was hesitant when she asked for a patch test knowing she has has previous allergic reaction but
    thought as long as the patch test is done properly and she knows the risks which she did then we'll she within her rights to ask for one. (Which was negative)

    Also as it's only certain colours that do it, it's not the ammonia due to her using no ammonia hair dye and having a reaction

    We are also currently searching for another hair brand for her to use

    The message below is the description she has given me of when she does have a allergic reaction to the hair dye she has use

    (THIS DID NOT HAPPEN WHEN I DONE HER LASH PATCH TEST OR TREATMENT)-sorry got to make that clear incase message is just skimmed though...

    ******I don't know what's in the other ones (hairdyes) but it's strange because I have used the same 3 make many times before and never had a problem untill now. It's not a slight reaction I actually get big blisters on my head, neck and ears and my head bleeds. It's taken the skin completely off my ears twice now. Eventhough my mum is with me if any mix goes on my neck or eyes etc she washes it off straight away yet I still get blisters were it had touched my skin. ******

    But I am asking if any one has any idea why it wouldnt take and just 'washed off I was very careful with the petroleum only getting it on the skin I put enough tint on left it on for long enough...

  4. suse82
    If this client is reacting to previous colour applications your concern shouldn’t be why it isn’t staying on her lashes but her allergic reaction! The darker the colour the more of the allergen PPD is in the tint. She maybe doesn’t know the consequences but she is playing with fire.
  5. Patricia Bearcroft

    The tint I used has no PPD in it at all as it is plant based
  6. Minkeybox
    I queried the reaction as I also use a plant based tint that dosnt contain PPD (Marvel Brow) & the manufactors instructions state it cannot be used if there has been a previous reaction to ANY tint or hair dye product..

    Please read the manufactors insturctions & check you can use it- it might save you from a costly reaction in future. Is your business worth a few quid for a tint? Xx

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