Face waxing elderly skin?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by My Gorgeous Bod, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. My Gorgeous Bod
    When is it not safe to wax an elderly female face? I have just had a client enquire for a very special occasion later in the year and I have not seen her yet. She is 75 and says she has younger looking skin. I do not know if we are talking hairy with regard to terminal or vellus hair.

    I understand to not wax or pluck on moles, and not to wax if the skin looks fragile. But will I know the skin is fragile just by look and touch?

    And then what next - use very tiny strips I guess? And stretch the skin well?

    I am qualified in warm wax and have been waxing for a year. I feel OK about going to have a look and doing it if all looks OK but what if it doesn't look OK. Who should I refer her to - a more experienced waxer, or not to wax at all?

    Any suggestions or help would be gratefully received.
  2. elliebee
    I'm afraid I can't advise on waxing as I don't wax but I do threading and I'd suggest this would be perfect for more mature skin as there is no pulling of the skin.

    If you have any doubts about the suitablility of waxing I would highly recommend threading for this client.
  3. Zo Zo
    Ok. My advice in all seriousness is to use hard wax with oil underneath. Yes to small strips although you can also make longer strips but remove them in short gentle pulls. But you would need to learn to use hard wax. Joe90 is in Cheshire (no idea if near to Sandbach - sorry - my geography's not great) she *may* be able to help you. It would be useful for you to be able to use hard wax anyway. Also, with regard to 'stretching', in the case of an elderly lady's face, try to think of this as supporting the skin rather than stretching it.
  4. My Gorgeous Bod
    Hi Elliebee and thank you so much for your threading suggestion. Really useful.

    And Zoe, thank you too for suggesting the hot wax with oil underneath. I hadn't thought of the oil underneath although hot wax had crossed my mind. As for the stretch/support - yes, I take your point :)

    I have previously trained/qualified in warm wax and am currently at college doing my NVQ 2 and as part of that course have been taught hot wax, but only, in my opinion, as a bolt on unit. However, I have had to be assessed in hot wax and passed it OK but have not yet finished the waxing module assessments therefore I am not yet qualified. Which reminds me the person who taught us hot wax is local to me so I shall call her up and then if no joy will try one of our Geeks as suggested.

    It is more important this lady gets the best service than I do a job that is just wrong! It is all a fascinating learning curve.

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