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Discussion in 'Business' started by mrmarkymarc, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. elliebee
    I find that taking before and after pictures (when I remember) :eek:

    then tagging their picture really works.

    This way, all the friends that they have on THEIR FB page see YOUR pics.
  2. lucyboo
    People love a bargain so offering something at a discount with another treatment works well too
  3. BekkiesBeauty
    Hi all.. I have a FB "like" page thing but I've read this and want to create it as a friend page.. Just tried to register and it's saying the automated selection won't accept the name..?? Did anyone else have this trouble and if so how..?? Thanks xxxx
  4. pureholistic
    Hello Bekkie, mine is a 'person' too and I had loadsa trouble getting them to accept a name!!
    You cant have certain symbols, more than a certain amount of characters nor put the word 'and'. I squished mine together so it doesnt recognise the word 'beauty' which it didnt seem to like before!!
    Mine was eventually accepted as:
    Catherine PureHolistic AndBeauty

    Also when you are a 'person' something you really need to be careful of is adding too many friends in one day. I got blocked for 4 days once!! Then next time got blocked for 7 days!!! So now i'm so worried my profile will get deleted i've stopped adding people for a while.

    HTH xxxxxxxx
  5. sarahc
    i plan to set up a facebook business page linked to my web site saying something along the lines of "become a fan of my facebook page to find out my laster special offers" then hopefully people will only "like" if they a genuinely interested
    have tried to plug my nails in a not so obvious way on my normal face book page by just uploading pics every time i do a new set of minx or shellac etc and although have had several "likes" out of over 300 friends/family no bookings, obviously have very tight friends, lol have even put the odd promotion on when practising but again no takers :(
    it has also backfired cpl times - i did someones toes the other day, she uploaded the pics then tagged me in it so i could see them, i then got to see everyones comments - how much did you pay for them? my spraytanning girls doing mine next week for £15, client said £23 and got 2 further comments - youve been ripped off they're only stickers can do yourself with a hairdryer etc .. few more mentions of the £15 lady and apparently she has two bookings .. so a pic of MY minx toes has got this woman two bookings coz apparently the 2 girls had never heard of it before, lol !!
    another time someone tagged me again on their minx toes, big fuss made and on of her friends who is has a salon saw the positive comments and booked herself on minx training and is now doing it same price as me in her salon .. so think im going to give it a miss from now on, hasnt got me any business just helped plug other peoples minx lol
  6. R D Beauty
    I have a business page on facebook i have 323 fans but it isn't really working for me in generating more business! maybe I need to put more effort into it more pics special offers etc :-/
  7. stanyer21
    hi i have a facebook group which people like and to be honest i havnt had much interest from that. your not actually allowed a set up page the same way as you do for yourself unless you pay for it, however i have just got my name then my salon name as my middle name. I add everyone that sends me a request (i feel i get alot more than i do a group) and i just base it around my business mostly. i feel i get alot more interest this way because i can update my status with offers. today i knew i was quite at work and had no full sets in onkly waxin and pedicures so on sunday night i thought better to make money than none so i put a offer on my nail extensions and now have 2 full sets in.
  8. Puffle
    Hi, I've been searching around trying to find whether a page, group or 'normal' page is best to set up on Facebook. It's looking like a normal page but with your business as the name is popular.

    I would like to be able to invite friends, tag photo's and I'd also like people to be able to search for me....say put 'nails' and town in. Does anyone know if this would work?

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