Fake Bake PIG machine or Sun Shadez HVLP 550??? Help!

Discussion in 'Skin' started by lucie-jo, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. lucie-jo
    Has anyone bought the HVLP 550 spray tan machine from sun shadez? What's it like? Is it as good as the Fake Bake PIG model? I currently have an airbrush compressor but want to change to an HVLP to save on my product. I was going to buy the Fake Bake pig but its quite expensive and they only sell with the tent and i've already got a good tent. Does anyone know what the wattage is on the fake bake pig?? Is it the same as the sun shadez pig 550? Or is it 700??

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

  2. Susie H
    I really hope I don't upset anyone with my answer this is not my intent.
    Hun, I did a lot of research before jumping into tanning and I wouldn't go for either of these machines.
    I would go for either the maxi mist or the T200 there are some really good deals out there at the moment. Have a look on the couture web site, they have both types of machine also Suntanna who are happy to sell the machine alone or with product. :hug:
  3. lucie-jo
    Thank you susie, i will check those sites out. xx
  4. gillian w
    Its not just the machine you need to look at,its also the quality of the gun they can also vary greatly.
  5. lucie-jo
    what would you recommend? i really liked the fake bake pig because the gun was very good. x
  6. shadez
    hi the shadez unit is just the same as the fake bake unit just a better price !! we give a full back up service if you have any probs just give us a call thanks rod

  7. cassi
    I would stay well clear of this one read Carron post on Shadez
  8. gillian w
    From what i can understand the pig has too much on it, all you need is a machine that blows out a fine spray it doesn't have to vary and it doesnt have to dry someone in nice warm heat, if they get cold then have your room warmer.
    There doesnt need to be too many variables.
    With the t100/200 you turn your dial on the gun round to about 20 to 12 and thats where it stays, job done, no pressing buttons or anything else.
    If you really want to or need to dry someone off with warm air you can take the gun off the hose and dry them with the warm air that comes out the hose end.The machine is very, very simple you really cant get it wrong.
  9. collin
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  10. sparkler
    i am trained with fake bake spray and lotion tanning and always been happy with there products, there retail sell really well. but when i wanted to set on my own i did loads of research and i have settled on t200 with tantrick/vani-t spray the customer service is fab, which if you check other threads all geeks agree.
    hope that helps
    gemma x
  11. lucie-jo
    Thanks for all your comments whether it be positive or negative.

    I would just like to say that i went for the Shadez hvlp 550 machine and used it for the first time yesterday, and was extremely impressed! :lol: I tanned my friend in well under 5 minutes, only used 40ml of Fake Bake solution and there was hardly any overspray in my tent!

    My friend text me this morning to say the tan looked fab, no patches, streaks or white bits.

    The machine was delivered in good time with all the bits in good working order and i had no problem whatsoever with customer service from Shadez. Only possible disadvantage i can see, is that its a bit noisy but the FB Pig was a bit noisy too and i am used to an airbrush & compressor, which is not as loud. I actually spoke to Rod on the phone before i purchased the machine for advice and he was very friendly and helpful, and explained that if i was unhappy with the machine, i could send it back and he would refund me my money.

    I can tell you that i WON'T be sending my little pig back as i am chuffed to bits with it and paid a very reasonable price and it was also purchased off ebay (which some of you geeks on here say to avoid doing).

    There are a lot of critical geeks on here - but i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i don't think it matters what machine you use or where its from, as long as the end product is good and client is happy, thats all that matters. Thanks for all the useful advice.

    Thanks Shadez - TOP MARKS FOR THE HVLP 550!!
  12. Echo

    Hi Lucie-Jo,

    Glad your happy with your piggie!
    Just to say though it's not about being critical, it's just saying what has factually happened to us. If I've received bad service and someone comes on here asking for advice, I'll answer with what has happened to me.

    My little piggie works well, like you say very little overspray, but I too have not received good after sales service from Shadez and therefore I would not recommend them. I can only say what I have experienced. I just wish I'd bought my little pig from FB or Vani-T!

    I hope this isn't the case for you and that everything carrys on going well.
    All the best!
  13. oliver2000
    Hi Everyone
    Just want to say i have just won a hvlp machine on ebay from Suntana! its the Maxi Mist, its awsome! uses hardly any product and you dont get those little blobs of excess liquid you get with some machines and my clients are nearly instantly dry! they delivered it really quickly too and i love it!:Love::Love:
  14. vicchinn
    Hi I looked into all the machines after i did my training and settled on the SHADEZ SPRAY TAN HVLP 700. The guy at shadez got my machine posted out straight away so i got my friend round to try it out because i was a bit unsure after reading all the reports on here. It was fab apart from a leak at the little gold nut on the gun. I phoned them straight away on the Friday spoke to a guy there he said to text me my address and he would send me a new gun which he did no probls it arrived on the Tuesday he didnt even want the faulty gun back.

    My new gun is great and my friend said out of all the spray tans shes had it was the best one, it wasnt patchy streaky I used there solution aswell again not sure how it was going to turn out, it lasted over two weeks she was well impressed, it dried straight away wasnt takky or anything.

    I must say i have been so impressed with the machine, solution and service from shadez. ~~I know theres always a couple of people that get a bad machine but that can happen anywhere with anything.

    Rod there is soooo helpful and nice and no i dont know him and hes not paying me.

    Thanks Shadez -
  15. weezie
    I have a piggy but didn't buy it from shadez, I think it's a great machine.
  16. *sarah*
    I got the fake bake piggy, oink lol I really like it, but then have never used any other machine xx
  17. lilolil
    I use the piggy and I purchased it from Vani-T they do a great deal inclusive of training and a promotion to help you get started they have been great
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  18. graysuze
    Hi, bit off topic, but do you know if Vani-T will have this offer at the show, as my friend is intrested and is wondering to order from the office or wait until the show? X
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  19. shadez
    thanks for the comments
    good and bad !! yes we all have problems from time to time with the units but i have also had problems with sellers on e bay that are selling the units with our brand name on them also i have contacted e bay about this matter they are passing the buck onto us also when there is problems the seller who is doing this i have all the details and phone number and we are working on the matter
    but i will solve problems if you call me thanks rod.
  20. Tammy BTN
    I originally bought the HVLP from Celebrity Secrets a few years ago but i sold it to the salon when i left...

    I bought a 550 from La tanning - I bought 2 bottles of solution and got the HVLP 550 for free - but I only have it for home use and friends.

    The only problem I've ever had with it was spitting and intemitant spray but i fixed that by changing the tube inside the cup the other way and sealing it a bit better with electrical tape. :lol:

    As far as i'm aware they've discontinued it now for the 5008.

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