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Discussion in 'Nail' started by BronzeBeauties, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. BronzeBeauties
    We all know to avoid bluesky, cco and all the other fake crap but ut seems now people are selling it as cnd or harmony in the original bottles. Having a quick look on gumtree for mobile girls (i like to look through pictures at their work) and i come across brand new bottles of harmony gelish for £10 a pop well thats way below price even if discounted. I could maybe understand if was a mobile girl selling off her stock but this is brand new stuff. Makes me so angry because people are going to buy this crap and use it on new gelish clients. The product is going to be rubbish and gives gelish etc a bad name! Not good for business and for all of us that have spent hundreds on training and genuine products!! Grr sorry for the rant
  2. JuicyLucy
    I think the opposite i.e. it is good for your business :)

    I had a regular client cancel four weeks ago and I couldn't fit her back in anywhere until today. She went elsewhere and had them done. She said they applied Gelish. However, I have nearly every Gelish colour and this was not one I recognised (close to Carnival Hangover, but not quite). When I removed them I knew it wasn't Gelish.

    I didn't say a word to the client because they were already chipped and peeling and she was complaining because she knows she never gets that with my nails. So in the end this client doesn't think its a product fault, she thinks its a nail tech fault. She has vowed to never go anywhere else and never miss another appointment!

    Spend your time worrying about your own business and keeping your own clients happy. Forget what fly by nights are doing around you. Quality will always win.
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  3. BronzeBeauties
    I agree but im worried about potential clients that have never had gelish etc and go to these fakes and because they have never had gelish before they think its crap when really its just that rubbish product giving gelish a bad name x

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