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    please help anyone!!:cry: i manage a salon in the centre of glasgow, my chief stylist does not do gents hair, its been a long time since i had to take the tools in hand and i dont feel confident now to do this:irked: i would like to do a fast track barbering course both for me and the other stylist:eek:. does anyone know of a place in glasgow or scotland that does this, also does anyone know of this new licence needed for barbering?:!:thanks before hand
  2. ellcee
    I dont know if this will help but
    Im at central college in the town and they do a full time barbering course which runs for 1 year. They do a few night classes, Im in tomorrow I could check if there are any available for you? Dont know if you want to go to a college though or do it through something else, but I'll find out anyway :)
    thanks ellcee that would be great, we went to clydebank college last night and hubby enrolled for basic barbering but its only for 12 weeks he would like to do hairdressing as well on the quickest and cheapest route just for an understanding lol i think he quite fancies it but wont admit it thanks a lot grateful for any info:hug:
  4. dawncbn
    Shame I am not closer to you, (in Liverpool). My forte is barbering. I have seen the way it is taught in college and the length of time. Fine if you are starting from scratch. I think most hairdressers would like to do barbering but are afraid of using clippers, scissor over comb technique etc. They could pick it up quickly if shown just a few good tips. I have often thought of offering my services at salons to brush peoples skills up on barbering.
    hi, can you not do a tutorial on here that would be the best:idea: i am sure there is a great need for hairdressers like me to pick up the razors mind you i am not afraid of sissors over comb must be some sort of phobia i know lots of people who would benefit,:idea:maybe i could advertise and you come to the salon i run and do a wee course or something might be a good earner over a weekend or sunday give it some thought i know i would appreciate it , meantime try a tutorial here so i can watch lol:lol:

  6. DCraig
    Hi, I am starting a hairdressing course at caledonian therapy academy, i have done all my beauty stuff there. My friend has enrolled on their barbering course which starts at end of feb. Its over 12 weeks in glasgow think they might do it part time as well but best to contact them. Award Winning Beauty Training, Beauty Courses, Beauty Courses Glasgow, Beauty Training Glasgow, Holistic Courses - Glasgow OR Saks also offer one in Glasgow.

    hope this helps.
    D x

  7. DCraig
    Hi the one at Clydebank is an introduction to Barbering not a level 2 qualification. See Courses Clydebank Glasgow

    My friend enrolled and then cancelled when she found out.

    Saks contact is think its about £3000 for the full qualification. Caledonian Therapy is think its about £1500. Also there is a barbering college in perth, will try fine out the name??

    The Clydebank college one is a good introduction I think but you wont be qualified to work afterwards :-(
  8. ellcee
  9. louiseprunty
    Hi, Did you manage to get a course. We are starting one in March 1 day per week over 12 weeks basic barbering. Lou xx
  10. bronzebrunette
    james watt college in greenock do barbering (close for you being in dunoon) but it wont start up again until aug/sept and again thats only 1 evening per week.. and im not 100% sure if thats a certificated course - its not advertised on their website or in their prospectus, but I am a student there and know that they do run a barbering evening course

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