Fat thumb with very wide short nails - has anyone come across these before?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Bev Rose, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Bev Rose
    Morning peeps!

    I thought i'd pop this thread on as it's been bugging me for awhile.

    Over the past 3 years since i've been 'doing nails' i have come across a handfull of people with a kind of odd, bulbous thumb on either one or both hands. All other fingers and nails are normal.:!:

    This thumb has always got a very wide nail which is always short, i wish i'd taken a pic of my last client last week who had thie condition on on hand.
    So far my tip & overlay has stayed on ok.

    The shape of the thumb is always the same on everyone. A lady who's daughter and husband had thumbs like it called it 'Cello Thumb' as in the musical instrument.

    Has anyone any idea what i'm talking about ???? Or come accross it?
  2. jac extreme
    I think I know what you mean, do they look a bit like a big toe?????
  3. Bev Rose
    Yes Jac, i suppose you could say they do. The actual thumb is abnormally wider than the rest of the nails, with a bulbous end, if that makes sense!
  4. Sassy Hassy
    I've had a couple of clients like this. Normally if you ask they've inherited it.
  5. jac extreme
    yes I have seen a fair number of these nails and always on one thumb only, though I cant help you with why they are like that, but I have always thought they looked like a big toe:)
  6. Bev Rose
    Yes, that's true Sassy.

    They have all told me that.

    Just wondered, is there a name for it?

    What methods have other techs used on the nail?

    I have tended to keep my clients thumbs shorter that the rest and i would think that it could 'ping' more easily than a normal thumb due to the width of the nail and the very short depth?
  7. jac extreme
    I have treated them the same as the other nails, although if they are very wide A tip is out of the question. i have not seen it in my books at all, so not sure if it has a specific name, how about bigtoeitis:)
  8. Sassy Hassy
    I tend to do the same as you hun. Keep it a bit shorter so it doesn't draw attention to it's width. How about Onycho-inheritus for a made up name!
  9. carend
    Ooh my friend had one of these the other week-it was from where she used to suck that thumb...could that b why?i think thumb sucking may b hereditory-due to the fact that really freaky things that u wouldn't think are hereditory are-like when i was younger my comforter was a blanket with the silky corners but apparently i picked the corners apart to get the frayed bits to tickle my nose with to help me sleep-and now i have a son who freakily got addicted to his muslin but then as he got older he has picked the corners apart to get the frayed bits of cotton to tickle his nose with to help him sleep
    Bizarre or what!!!
  10. annenails
    i had a customer with huge nail beds especially the thumb.I called them Man hnds.Anyway after looking every where I finally found some thumb tips that actually fit.they are ccalled OPI(size 00 ) i think from memory.they are the only tip that would actually fit her thumb.Even when I sxulpted the nail form woukdnt fit.they were also very very flat...she was elated that I finally had a tip that would fit...Now i dont need to worry when I do her repairs as I always have a tip ready and waiting>she only ever breaks ger thumb nails....
  11. BABSann
    LOL,when I was at school my friend had this condition,especially named "bigtoeitis",by jac.She was really self consious about it,it did look quite odd as totally different to the other fingers.
  12. beck
    i have a couple of clients with this, they have both inherited these 'toes' as they both call them...

    you need to sculpt them, but i did get oversize tips from star nails a couple of years ago, that i am still using...obviously they come out of the stock cupboard that often but come in extreemly handy!! there are four or five large sizes in the pack. i don't know if they still do them..united beauty that is...my be worth a phone call!!

  13. Cathie!
    I've seen a few of these too! Must be more common than we think!
  14. Sherbit
    My son had huge thumbs, it wasnt untill there was a family funeral that all the family came together that I noticed that all the men in my family have huge hands and even bigger thumbs!!

    I say had huge thumbs because when he was little he used to suck his left thumb, at the age of three he broke his elbow and the cast was set so he couldnt suck it anymore!! Now hes fifteen his left one that he used to suck looks normal and slim but his right is still huge. Its quite annoying for him having to explain that his right one (the big one) is actually the normal one!!!

    My mother in law and husband also have giant thumbs, lucky for me shes never wanted acrylic on!!!:)
  15. Lidewei
    I'm not a nail tech, I'm just here for the nail art pictures but when I read this thread about fat thumbs I just had to reply. I have wondered my whole life if I was the only person in the world with a toe for a thumb. I feel much better now that I know I'm not alone. :green:
    I posted a picture of my thumb in the main gallery if anyone is interested by the way.
  16. Cathie!
    Thanks for that a prime example lol! :hug:
  17. Bev Rose
    Thanks Liedwei, that's exactly the type of thumb i was trying to describe.
    Although i'm used to seeing it with a much shorter nail on people.

    Here's the link to the pic Leidwei very kindly put in the gallery.


    It would seem that's it's quite prevalent then.
  18. nailzoo
    I call em "hobbit thumbs". :)
  19. Lidewei
    Yes, I'm trying to grow it but every time it gets longer it just looks nasty so I cut it again. :rolleyes:
  20. NtricateDesigns
    Toepictus, that would be a great name for it!

    I have done a few of them myself, my litttle trick is to center a tip on the nail leaving the sides exposed, cut a form in half doing on side at a time making sure it is even and both sides are covered.

    I hope that makes sense.

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