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  1. TipLiCiouS
    I done my fake bake training last year But never started up ....
    Now I wanna offer spray tanning but i haven't heard good stuff of fake bake... And there are other brands too...
    What should I do?? Start off with FB or will you GEEKOLOGIST's help tell me which is the better option ..
    I think I'd have to do a refresher too..
  2. Jenx
    Best thing to do is get some friends round and practice rather than doing another course. You will have your training manual for the procedure and just search on here for advice on setting your gun up etc. Golden rules are generally to spray lighter on hands and feet and pull away gradually as you approach ankles and wrists. Also keep gun about 6" away from the body when spraying. There are more but that is the basics for getting you practicing.

    My favourite is Vani-T but I am slightly bias lol. I have used it for 2 years now and haven't found anything to beat it yet for fade off, staying power and colour. Also it is one of the only truely natural tans on the market rather than just having a few natural/organic ingredients in it and the branding is fantastic with lots of celebs using it and starting to get plenty of press coverage.
    I'm now a trainer and supplier for them xxx

    Good luck with your search and practicing, feel free to pm me if you want any technique advice xxx
  3. TipLiCiouS
    Thanks.. I will do that..
    I'm also looking to buy a starter kit coz I'm looking to go mobile
    Are there any good 1's
    And which gun or machine should I opt for

    I don't want to buy a brand that ppl haven't Heard of...
    What's popular with the public
  4. MiSs_ChArLiE_s
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    You cant beat fakebake im afraid,but test some other brand solutions and it'l soon help you to make up your mind which one u prefer.
  5. Lisap

    NOUVATAN i trained with & purchased a good starter kit
    I hadnt heard of it when i trained but soooo glad i trained with them the customer service is 2nd to none!
    Its a year past now the Solution is the BEST! Its pretty well know now tho! all my clients love it and i wouldnt ever change from Nouvatan i have the best!
    Ive had a fakebake spray tan before i qualified as a therapist its well over rated in my eyes! Nouvatans a far better colour and No Orange look hth xx
  6. Jenx
    machines i have used and trained with are hvlp700 and hvlp5008, both great machines in my opinion you won't go rong with either of them. HVPL5008 is most popular on hear, but I still love my hvlp700 lol xxx
    You would probably be best to try a couple of tans that catch your eye and see how you get on, if you want info on Vani-T then just pm me xxx
  7. pigoletto
    I totally agree about the machines - I have both and I have to say there's advantages and disadvantages to each. However, if given the choice, I'd agree with Jenx and say I prefer my good old HVLP700 which I purchased from Shadez a few years ago.

    Professional Spray Tanning Equipment | Solutions | Moisturisers | Shadez Spray Tan.

    It's superb as it has a warm air dryer function and three speed settings - the gun is pretty good too. I only wish the Maximist 5008 had a warm air dryer and a speed setting - it's louder than the HVLP700. The Maximist has a longer hose than the HVLP700 but the HVLP is slightly easier to transport as it's smaller - less bulky.

    The 5008 technically has one advantage over the HVLP in that the cup is smaller and a better shape for fluid pick-up when you get down to 50mls or less. But that said, I've never really experienced any problems with pick-up of small amounts of solution with my HVLP700.

    Of all the tans I've trialled, I love Vani T - adore it - my number 1 choice. The colour is just the most natural thing I've ever seen in 5 plus years of tanning and it went on like a dream. It lasts for ages - staying perfect for well over a week - sometimes 10 days - no yucky fade-off. When it does eventually fade off, you can hardly even see it's going :biggrin::biggrin:

    I also love Organics - again superbly natural look and a good fade-off after in excess of a week.

    I've received LA Tanning liquids in my Maximist kit - can't really comment on what I think of the results as I only did two trial tans last night of the 8 and 10 gold. Hope that helps.

    Why not try a bit of market research in your area to find out the top 3 or 5 most widely used tans - both in salons and mobile? You can then perhaps consider whether you want to offer the same as the most popular brands, to appeal to the local market, or go down the route of offering a brand that's not offered by the competition so much but gives equally superb results for you and your clients
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  8. TipLiCiouS
    iv never heard of vani t ... but i dont mind trying it out ... how can i get hold of a kit and how do u use the solutions .. as in how will i be able to judge , 8% 10% 12%...
    who supplies vani t
  9. TipLiCiouS
    how much is the kit for nouvatan ?? and wat gun is good for mobile ?
  10. Jenx
    you can pm me if you like, and i can send you details on vani-t, i am a trainer/supplier for them xxx
    or email me at
  11. maz2011
    I've tried many Solutions including Fake Bake. I personally did'nt like Fake Bake it's got an orange tinge to it. I use Suntana, the 12% is a favourite with the young clients and the 8/10 % with the older clients who prefer a natural look than a fake look. You will find Suntana drys quick and has got a really good guide colour to work with. I also use Crazy Angel which is a favourite with my best friends. However I do agree that the products at Wow factor (Tan Dare,Tantrick,Vanti etc) are really good products too. Every Tanning Technician has a favourite Tanning solution they like you've just got to try a few and work out whats best for you and your clients ? :biggrin:

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