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Discussion in 'Waxing' started by Caoimhe C, May 19, 2017.

  1. Caoimhe C
    So today I did my first male client. It was a male intimate and while I was doing it he got hard! He also asked me to push hard when it was near his butt hole. And he really insisted on me going to the top of his penis I told him no and asked him if he needed 5 mins alone. He was leaking from the end of his penis. I felt as though I was very professional and I was clear what I would and would not do. I am interested in specialising in male grooming but this first experience has left me a little dubious. Can any professional help and tell me what is normal? Thanks
  2. Misscarlyjay
    Oh my god u poor thing. Don't let this put u off, there's always one. Stick to your rules and stand by them all the way through. Next male that comes in maybe make clear that if by your willy turns hard my love, i will have to leave the room. We all know that when they need a wee this could happen but it's quite clear this male got something else from this. Leaking penises is not what you should have to deal with. x
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  3. SarahH2003
    Male clients do sometimes get hard and it can be unavoidable! I have been doing male waxing for years without a problem. Your guy does seem a little strange especially with the push hard but, but the rest does happen. Remain professional throughout and if you suspect anything isn't right or makes you uncomfortable then I would politely ask him to dress and leave! I hope this helps you
  4. Caoimhe C
    Okay thanks girls - I felt it was strange! But as it was my first time I was not sure what to expect and what's normal. I don't feel too bad. I think I handled it pretty well. Thanks for the encouragement.
  5. Missy_cbell21
    I have been doing men's waxing for about a year and I find it's more common for a man too get a hard on than not. Some men also leak pre cum, that is not something they control. They can control how they act with it. It they wiggle, laugh or smile at me they get the boot. Him asking you too go all the way to the top was odd. Did he have hair that high? If there was hair there I would wax it, if not he would get a very strong no. When he asked too press hard on his butt was it possible that his hair is tough too remove there? Either way, if he makes you uncomfortable don't rebook him. There are good clients out there as well so don't get down just yet.
  6. Caoimhe C
    The thing is he had very little hair. He had very little all over his body. I initially thought he was just one of those clients who needs to have every single hair gone to feel "clean". However around the edges of the bikini line he had a lot more in comparison to his bits yet he said he didn't want me to do that part because he was scared it was going to hurt. I feel a little disappointed and discouraged but I hope that it was just bad luck.

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